Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 31st July 2011…another new Province!!

Well it finally stopped raining but woke up to cool and foggy conditions so decided it would be a driving day….the fog would lift and then come back.  Some nice spots along the way

July 311111111111111111 001An eagle face????

July 311111111111111111 003

Check out the X that is where i am headed!!

July 311111111111111111 029The very quaint town of Perce…reason for this photo is that my Dad was called Percy but really his name was William or Bill as he liked to be called later on in his life I wish he could have seen this town….it is the home of the big rock!!!

July 311111111111111111 013

The fog kept slipping in and then away so some photos are a bit blurry

July 311111111111111111 006

July 311111111111111111 012

July 311111111111111111 023

July 311111111111111111 024

I then went to the Visitor information centre and found a good hike

July 311111111111111111 036it was about a 30 minute hike to the Grotto

July 311111111111111111 037

This was a very lovely and serene place!!!

July 311111111111111111 040

July 311111111111111111 042

July 311111111111111111 043

I mentioned before that i liked waterfalls so i decided on this hike that instead of crossing of items from my bucket list today i was going to add one…so I shall find out where the highest waterfall in the world is and put that on my list!!!  I know some of you smarty pants will already know where it is but I shall have to Google it!!!!!

There was another trail leading to a view point of the big rock

July 311111111111111111 035

Yes it is in there somewhere!!!

Back on the road again the weather picked up and the sun came out…some scenes along the highway!!

July 311111111111111111 054

July 311111111111111111 055

July 311111111111111111 056

About 4pm nice and sunny so time for a pit stop!!

July 311111111111111111 059

Back on the road and now the longest bridge in the world!!!!

July 311111111111111111 060

July 311111111111111111 062

OK I fess up it is not really the longest bridge in the world it is just that when you get on the bridge you are in Quebec and when you get off you are in

July 311111111111111111 061

and there is a one hour time difference in NB so it really takes an hour to go across the bridge…boy Mary, Heather and Annie I hope you get this!!!!!!!

So now in the parking lot of MacD’s again in Bathurst New Brunswick and hoping for a good nights sleep….tomorrow the plan is to go across the Confederation Bridge into PEI!!!!!

Happy Canadian Holiday tomorrow!!!

Map picture

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living.boondockingmexico said...

Lookin' good Ramona! Les, I think you are having too much fun (if that is really possible).

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