Sunday, July 03, 2011

Saturday 2nd July 2011…..can you stand it another great day!!!

Had a great sleep and the plan this morning was to drive the 27 miles to

jul2 116

and the following are the photos in the park

jul2 001

jul2 005

jul2 008

jul2 011

jul2 018

The peaks were majestic and the day beautiful.

I then stopped at Jenny Lake where my guide book informed me I could take a ferry across the lake and then hike back so I did!!!!

jul2 023

jul2 024

The ride was just a few minutes and then it was 5 miles of hiking through beautiful scenery but a tough hike again because of the altitude!!

jul2 033

Yes I am walking through snow!!!

jul2 039

jul2 044

jul2 050

Then it was down a steep trail to the waterfalls…

jul2 059

jul2 062

The walk back to Ramona was by the side of the lake

jul2 064

It was a great hike and really hot and sunny but I am happy to report with all the hiking the last few days my toes, legs, thighs, back, everything I feel great!!

Continued driving and past these old farm buildings

jul2 074

jul2 090Make your own caption!!

jul2 088

It was now 6pm and a time for some rest

jul2 102

The view from the dinner table

jul2 105

jul2 110

jul2 111

Just a spectacular day…I left the park and I am now parked in the parking lot of a medical facility in Dubois, Wyoming and after my shower I turned on the computer and I am picking up Wi fi…..

So the plan is to drive 30 odd miles tomorrow to Riverton and spend the night there and the next day attend the 4th July festivities.

It is good to be back blogging and I really hope you enjoy these last few days as much as I did….blessings Les

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