Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday 24th July 2011…..back on the road again!!

It is now Sunday night and I realize I have posted the last few days of blogs in reverse order so to make any sense you will have to scroll down to Thursday then read up to this one, sorry!!!


Slept in till almost 9am and woke to yet another great and sunny day they certainly have had incredible hot days the last little while…..Steve was still resting his leg and decided wisely not to play tennis but we did go for a nice long walk!!

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july2444444444444444444 015

july2444444444444444444 018

Back at the cottage Esther had cooked a meal fit for Kings a breakfast buffet it was delicious…here is the family who all have been so kind and wonderful!!!

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july2444444444444444444 020

Around 2.30pm I said my goodbyes to everyone and I want again to thank every family member for all the great things you did for me both at the cottage and in Ottawa and I wish you all such happy days ahead!!!!

I left on my journey to Montreal but first I had to stop here in Ottawa…

july2444444444444444444 006

I am almost too embarrassed to tell you why I did have to stop but it was camera related and now I have yet another new camera for my travels…enough said!!

190 miles later I was parked here

july2444444444444444444 010

july2444444444444444444 008

The Wal-Mart is about a 10 minute walk away from the train station where I go tomorrow morning to get the train into downtown Montreal.  It is the first Wal-Mart I have been in where it closes at 5pm…there are four other RV’s here and it feels very safe and I have had supper, a shower and now going to see if I can find Internet to post this…..what a great time I am having!!!

On a happy and personal note I want to extend a big well done to my young friend Matt Notley


seen here officiating at the National level in Nova Scotia this weekend.  Matt was one of my students when I was doing educational meetings for young referees in Nanaimo many years ago and he was always a bright light and a talkative light!!!  To see him maintain and improve and go forward is a great joy to me…well done KIDDO!!!!!


Esther said...

So glad they let you have ANOTHER camera!!! It was great fun having you visit and I will work diligently to get the Malt Loaf recipe reverse engineered, lol!

Croft said...

I am instructing my financial manager to sell all shares in anything camera related until you stop getting free replacements! I am almost afraid to ask, "What happened this time?"

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