Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday 18th July 2011….on the go again!!!

Uncle Bob made me a great breakfast this morning and this little guy was on the bird feeder!!

july18 001

Just so you don’t think that life is all play and no work…my laundry had to be done!!!

july18 003

At 11am we left on an afternoon day trip to Gananoque where we were taking this boat

july18 005on a 3 hour cruise of the 1000 Islands.  I went to pay for the tickets and used my credit card and when I pushed in my PIN number the card read declined…tried it three times and same result a little embarrassing as I know I have lots of money in the account..anyway I used my ATM card to pay but when I got back and called Visa and they verified who I was they knew I had tried to use my card and where from and their systems were telling them I had punched in a wrong number in the PIN number…I knew this could not be so but anyway that is why my card declined and here is the kicker they cannot correct this over the phone and my card is invalid till I go to a Bank Branch and change it…so what happens if I am in Mexico or a country with no local bank for me…well I shall find that out when I go tomorrow to a Branch in the next big town Smith Falls!!..

Anyway back to the cruise…sit back and enjoy the St.Lawrence seaway that borders both Canada and USA..

july18 006

july18 007

july18 015

july18 033

Houses on Millionaire Row!!

july18 038

july18 035

july18 046

july18 042

july18 047

july18 048

july18 050

july18 058

It was a very enjoyable and informative afternoon which we all will remember.

When  we got home it was rest time for about 45 minutes before we went out for dinner to a neighbours house who own a Camp ground…had a great supper and the folks were very nice….

So my stay in Otter Lake ends tomorrow when I am heading out on my way to Ottawa for Wednesday afternoon to stay with more friends Esther and Steve…will post when I can…wish you all a great Tuesday!!!

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Croft said...

Between Norma and I we have had three cards cancelled on us and one kept by an ATM in Mexico over four years! The only answer is to have several sources for cash.

I always get a duplicate debit card and I have two Visa cards that will give me cash. Next winter in MX will be particularly nerve wracking as my credit Union changed ATM service and I had problems getting cash in the USA.

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