Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday 13th July 2011…..Tacky Tourist and a camera problem!!!

Today was my tourist day and Joy’s Sister had managed to obtain free passes for me for most of the main attractions…so with a packed lunch Colin dropped me off at the people pusher to start my day!!

july13 001

My first stop was to go on a walkway underneath the falls….yes I know how cute I look!!!

july13 003

july13 004

The tunnel came out so close to the water!!

july13 008

july13 009

july13 011

This was the next stop

july13 016

They issued you with ponchos here but no was like a Disney 3D ride on a non moving platform as if you were floating down the falls and all was great till you get to the falls and sprinklers come on at quite a force and I just happened to be standing underneath one of these and I got drenched and I mean drenched but I had my camera in my hand and that got wet.

When I came out I knew I was in trouble because the camera would shoot but I couldn’t see the photo that I had took, so I didn’t know if it was working until just now when I downloaded the camera card and no photos came out!!!!! Except the next 2 but they are not great but they are interesting!!!!

My friend Croft posted on his blog a few days ago he had been researching his family tree and found out he was related to Captain Mathew Webb who is famous for being the first person to swim the English Channel and he was also on the cover a match boxes back when I was a kid…well in one of the tunnels today I saw this plaque in honour of the same man

july13 048

july13 049

Sorry croft it is not any clearer but as you stated on your blog he died whilst trying to swim the rapids here!!!

Sorry no photos of the rest of my journey…what a shame….but I have the memories…..I went up the tower and the view was quite lovely ..then walked down to the lower part of the falls where it turns into the nastiest rapids of all Class 6 and considered the most dangerous in the world… was a ride on the Maid of the Mist…you get to float to almost the bottom of the falls and the sound is out of this world a pulsating bang and the spray just awesome……….I then went on a gondola across the lower part of the river this too was very exciting…what a shame I don’t have the photos!!!

I was out for over 6 hours and really enjoying seeing all the sights and when I came home Joy gave me my usual haircut…it looks really nice and I did have photos taken but!!!!  their friend Lyn who I also know from Mexico came over and the 4 of us when to the Keg for supper very nice and very expensive but a lovely evening……

So had another great day I think there is a Costco in town so will go tomorrow and see if I can get the camera replaced!!!!   Tomorrow is about a 3 hour drive to Bellville to stay with Heather and Scott who is Kirby’s brother so looking forward to that visit!!

Thank you so much for everything Joy and Colin, what great friends….Blessings !!

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Croft said...

That was interesting that you found that photo of my great, great (?) Grandfather! I will have to make another trip there to see it.

For the camera Les, borrow a hair dryer, open up everything on the camera that opens and dry it out as best you can. Really work on it with the warm air. It is amazing what you can bring back to life!

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