Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday 10th July 2011…..almost there!!!

Again it is Sunday morning and I am at McDonalds posting my yesterday’s journey…

It wasn’t long before I was changing States again

july9 001

july9 006

Still not much traffic sometimes farm equipment

july9 004



I was listening to the Women's World cup soccer game live from Germany and sorry to say the English ladies lost in a penalty shootout and in the next game the heavy favourites Germany were beaten by Japan!!

It seemed just a short while and I was leaving Indiana and now into

july9 007

july9 018

I was getting just a tad frustrated at myself in the afternoon I think too many days of driving and I was getting lost a couple of times trying to find a place to empty the tanks plus i had not seen anything like an RV park or a tourist centre for days so I decided if I came upon a good place to stop I would and has my luck continues by about 3pm I spied this place from the highway

july9 028

and after checking it out decided it was a perfect place to rest and relax.

july9 013

The site is great about 50 yards from

july9 014

There is water, electric and a dump site…but very rustic bathrooms and no shower…but the lake is great and it is what i need so I paid the 22 dollars and immediately went and ….

july9 019

I did have a snooze and woke up energized I went and filled and emptied the tanks, shook out all the carpets, washed and vacuumed the floors, did some laundry charged up all the things that needed charging and then had a choice Bingo

july9 027

or walking around the lake..

july9 008

I walked around 5 times and really enjoyed the sweat and exercise……..after cooling down in the crystal clear lake

july9 035

I showered and then took the sunset photos…

july9 029

july9 024

july9 036

july9 040

july9 037

Enjoyed tea and a movie and had a great sleep…

I am now about 600 km away from Niagara Falls and plan to get close today and then find somewhere to stay overnight and then cross the border Monday morning this time I have no bottle of Tequila to declare!!!!


Croft said...

You are going far too fast Les. Slow down and smell the roses!

mexicokid said...

It doesn't feel that way I get plenty of rest and feel 100%,,,,Les

Friday 20th July 2018......Friday again?????

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