Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday 20th July 2011….Back on the road again!!!!

I had no Internet last night so this post starts Tuesday morning!!!


Said my fond goodbyes to Doll and Bob …I truly had a wonderful time here meeting their family, their friends and sharing their lovely casa and the lakes and the surrounding areas…thank you so much!!!

Just a few miles down the road at the local fair grounds a dog show was in progress!!

july1911 001

july1911 006

july1911 003

It was interesting to see a whole community of dog people, many people in RV’s with all the dog equipment they obviously take these shows very seriously.

After this stop I went in to Smiths Falls where I knew there was a TD branch….I was in there about 35 minutes and quite frustrating..I had no problem re-instating my PIN number but when I asked the question what would I do if this had happened in a country without a TD bank the answer was murky and not convincing.  The one thing I did find out that when I tried my card yesterday and it was declined and then I tried it again and declined again I should have stopped there because the third time you try it they automatically close down your account.  I spoke to the Manager who called Visa and they virtually told him the same as they told me to re – activate it has to be done at a branch this makes no sense to me for the millions of people who travel outside of Canada and make a mistake you cannot tell me their card is cancelled.  I am going to try and contact my Branch and my good advisor there, Sonya, see if she can shed some light on this issue.

I connect with Highway 2 going east which ran along the shores of the St.Lawrence Seaway and this was my lunch stop…

july1911 009

july1911 008

july1911 010

july1911 011

Back on the road I needed to find somewhere to have a good long walk and about 30 minutes later I found these trails leading to Upper Canada Village and reckon I walked about 14 km….

july1911 012

july1911 013

july1911 016

july1911 017

july1911 018

july1911 019

july1911 021

I drove a few more km and then was getting hot and tired and found this little parking lot where I think I will be Ok to spend the night…some Tim Horton’s mushroom soup for supper, a shower and now settling down to a movie


I had a great sleep and woke up to a car door closing at 8.30am this morning…I knew it was workers coming to open the store so I was up and on the road in 2 minutes…I drove about 10 miles to the town of Cassleman about 30 miles from Ottawa.

I don’t know if it is skill or my dumb plain luck but I always seem to find great places to park.  I drove through the town of Cassleman and across the river is this great park.  So I parked here had a lovely breakfast of French Toast and for my English readers I put Treacle on it!!!!! YUMMY!!!

Then went for a wonderful walk along both sides of the river…enjoy the peaceful surroundings!!

july20.....11 001

july20.....11 002

july20.....11 004

july20.....11 006

july20.....11 008

july20.....11 015

july20.....11 017

july20.....11 019

A lovely spot I think you would agree?

About 1pm I started on the Highway into Ottawa where I am staying downtown with friends Esther and Steve…the plan is for me to spend tomorrow touring down town Ottawa of foot and then in the afternoon we are all going to the cottage…yes another weekend on the lake!!!!

So it is now the early hours of Thursday morning and I have to tell you about arriving in Ottawa and staying here…

july20evening 087

july20evening 004

Here is Ramona parked in the parking lot of the Hotel…..Esther and Steve are great friends that I met with Sara last year in Northern BC and I again hooked up with them this April in Arizona….they live full time in a beautiful 5th wheel but their family owns this lovely apartment hotel in Ottawa can you believe I am parked 3 blocks from the canal and 5 blocks from the Parliament buildings!!!

I arrived about 2.30pm and Esther had left me a key for their apartment but I decided to take advantage of the afternoon and walk down towards the Parliament Building

july20evening 010

I checked it the information booth and they give free tours of the buildings so I signed up for one and it was very very good!!!

july20evening 037

july20evening 023

july20evening 027

july20evening 035

The shot above is the library an incredible building…I like this next shot…often when I introduce myself with my full name people say so Lester Pearson was your Dad and of course I say yes so when I saw his photo had to take a quick shot but there I am in the reflection!!!

july20evening 030

july20evening 043

This was a wonderful tour and I learned so much about the history of this great country!!

On the way back home passed this small ceremony..

july20evening 046

july20evening 047

Back at the apartment I met up with Esther and Steve and we had tea and the real McCoy malt loaf…when I left Esther and Steve in Arizona Esther knew I liked malt loaf and she made me one so when June gave me this loaf for my Birthday I froze it and decided I would bring it with me and they could experience the British version!!!

july20evening 052

july20evening 053

Happy Campers!!!!

After a lovely meal we all walked back to the Parliament buildings for the light and sound show at 10pm….the front lawns was jammed with people and the show was so fabulous…Esther took the next few shots!!!



It was just breath taking!!!


We then walked around the market and canal area


So what another wonderful day and again how lucky am I to have so many special people in my life!!!!

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