Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday 3rd July 2011………………Day 10!!

So I hope by now you have caught up with the five days of entries some of those photos are so unreal I really do like the small point and shoot Canon camera I have.

I am now settled in a small; RV park outside the town of Lander, Wyoming…I have heard their 4th July parade is a good one so I will find out tomorrow.

Map picture

The journey so far and my location tonight!!

Map picture

I really enjoy Ramona and want for nothing but once in a while it is nice to book into a park re-charge all the systems, take on propane, water and empty tanks.  Do laundry, clean windows and screens.  Wash the floor and vacuum, dust and clean the shower and sinks no point cleaning the toilet because…well you know why!!!!

Also took advantage of a good shave, trimmed my eyebrows, ear hair and nose hair…let me know if this is too graphic!!!!   Then the 20 minute hot shower felt really good….so now at 10pm everything is spotless… tea is boiling and a Red Box Movie awaits…….spoke to my Brother and his betrothed (I shall pay for this) on Skype…..

I have caught up on e mails and thanks for them all…caught up on sports news although I hear most of it on the Satellite radio….the plan tomorrow is to stick around for the parade and festivities then start driving east for two days my destination is Mount Rushmore!!

Map picture

On the drive here this morning I thought I was in the Red Rock Canyons of Arizona!!!

3333333333 003

Ramona settled in for the night…

ssssss 003

View from the back window!!

ssssss 004

After the hikes of the last few days it was nice to take a break today and I feel good everywhere…trying to eat healthy with fruit and lots of fluids as it was over 90 degrees today…great and cool to sleep….hope your Sunday was a good one!!!


Croft said...

OK Les, this toiletphobia thing has to end! Next time I see you I am going to "initiate" the toilet! I will bring my own TP. You can thank me later!

mexicokid said...

there must be a witty come back but cannot think of one right now....but I will!!!! Cheers Les

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