Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday 28th July 2011……a magical day!!

Woke up to sun again!!!!!   Had breakfast and packed lots of food and drink for a Bonita road trip….down to the ferry don’t you love these prices??

July28888888888888 111


July28888888888888 002

Not sure of the exact saying but something about not the destination but the journey anyway did 125 km today and there was a main highway but about 300 yards north was a beautiful secondary highway which I took and it was a delight.

First I shall high light things along the road then come back to the three destinations.

The speed limit was 50kph which was perfect for me and it went through these lovely small villages  with amazing churches enjoy the ride!!

July28888888888888 003July28888888888888 005

July28888888888888 007This is much smaller than that small church I saw in Niagara Falls!!

All along the road were these cellars so interesting…

July28888888888888 011

Had to stop here the smell of fresh bread got to me….

Went inside this little store and would you believe selling bread and maple butter by the slice!!!

July28888888888888 075

July28888888888888 076

I ordered a sliced brown loaf and a cinnamon bun and will pick it up on the way back will let you know later how it tastes..the slice of bread was yummy!!!

July28888888888888 073


The next place was a farmers market with the most amazing fresh produce ordered strawberries, strawberry pie, potatoes, turnip, carrots and beans and will pick them up on the way home too.

July28888888888888 084

July28888888888888 087

July28888888888888 088

It was one of the best road trips I have taken!!!


OK the first stop was here

July28888888888888 017

July28888888888888 019

The Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré is a major Roman Catholic place of pilgrimage and has the only copy of Michelangelo's Pietà[citation needed] (the original is in the Vatican City). The basilica is also known as a place of miracles. One of the builders of the original church, Louis Guimont, helped build the church despite having severe scoliosis and needing the aid of a crutch. When the church was complete, he was able to walk independently. Subsequent visitors to the church who have prayed have left their canes, crutches and walking aides behind as testament to their healing. The main wall when you first walk into the basilica is now completely covered with crutches.

Such a wonderful and loving place!!

July28888888888888 025

July28888888888888 023

July28888888888888 026

Went up on the hill to take this..

July28888888888888 027

The next stop

July28888888888888 028

I do like canyons and waterfalls…

July28888888888888 030

July28888888888888 033

July28888888888888 038

July28888888888888 034

July28888888888888 041The view from the upper suspension bridge..

July28888888888888 047

Must confess after those suspension bridges I crossed in the Copper Canyon in April nothing will ever shock me!!!

There were steps down to the lower suspension bridge and many of you enjoyed the competition I put in the other day about guessing the number of steps…soooooo the first one to guess how many steps down gets two days free subscription to the blog

July28888888888888 048

July28888888888888 055

July28888888888888 064

July28888888888888 066

July28888888888888 067

The last stop on the way home was the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency these falls are 95 feet higher than Niagara!!

July28888888888888 090

July28888888888888 104

July28888888888888 092

July28888888888888 0983

July28888888888888 101

This was taken through the port hole on the ferry on the way home!!!

July28888888888888 113

Was a truly lovely day so much fun and it was great to get around on Bonita…had supper and now in MacD’s again…

I leave tomorrow on the trip around the Gaspe Bay about 700km and then into New Brunswick…will post when I can blessings Les

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