Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday 27th July 2011…..Quebec City!!

This morning was quite overcast and dull but at least not raining…after breakfast rode Bonita down to the Ferry terminal they wanted 10 dollars just to park in the parking lot which seemed excessive to me for my little bike so I found this place….no dollars!!!!

july277777777777777777 001

The ferry is only about a 7 minute ride and it does take vehicles the passenger price was only 3 dollars!!

july277777777777777777 003

The Chateau stands above all the buildings and as you can they are doing some repair work to the tops floors but have wrapped it around with a mat and painted the mat to resemble the actual building….how ingenious!!!

july277777777777777777 007

july277777777777777777 056

july277777777777777777 008

The first impressions of this beautiful old city are of Europe and then my next impression is a European version of San Miguel in Mexico!!!

Join me as I walk miles around the small streets and avenues!!!

july277777777777777777 010

july277777777777777777 013

july277777777777777777 014

july277777777777777777 015

july277777777777777777 019

july277777777777777777 017

july277777777777777777 023These stars are really popular in Mexico a good way to enhance the deck!!

No reason for this next photo just liked the scene!!

july277777777777777777 024

july277777777777777777 026

july277777777777777777 052I like this photo too practising my techniques for this I laid the camera on the floor!!

july277777777777777777 038

Street scene…

july277777777777777777 059


july277777777777777777 062

july277777777777777777 065

july277777777777777777 064

Just like the doors in San Miguel the doors here are fascinating..

july277777777777777777 074july277777777777777777 085

july277777777777777777 086

Check out the door numbers …superstitious maybe??

july277777777777777777 091

july277777777777777777 088

Two wall murals very beautiful!!

july277777777777777777 106

july277777777777777777 021

july277777777777777777 076Just a guy cleaning    EXCEPT see below!!


july277777777777777777 078

july277777777777777777 107This or Ramona??

I got back to Bonita around 5pm after a wonderful day so glad I spent the time here and this is one of the nicest places I have been to in years!!!

Back at Ramona where the 20 odd RV’s from last night have left but I am sure more will come in this evening.

After I left the McDonalds last night in the parking lot I was having a bit of trouble starting Bonita I think all the rain… whilst I was trying to get her going I saw this group of young men about 18 years old talking about 60 feet away and I saw one of them walk away and come up to me and offered to help…I told him thanks but I did not speak French…no problem he spoke English and he also knew the bike and how to get it going for me!!!  Just another random act of kindness!!!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny again and I plan to take Bonita on the ferry and go to some waterfalls and canyons about 15 miles away…stay tuned!!!


Elaine said...

I envy you. I just love Quebec City. I find Old Quebec City so interesting, it brought what I had learned in school and what I taught while teaching Canadian History alive.
We're headed east in a couple of weeks, going right through to Nova Scotia to visit our daughter in Annapolis Royal. Can't wait.
Keep on enjoying!
Elaine in Saltair

Kevin and Ruth said...

We also liked Quebec City. It is certainly different than any other part of Canada we've been to.

mexicokid said...

Might see you on the road Elaine...very much like Europe but did you see a little bit of San Miguel there too?

Elaine said...

I've never been to San Miguel,never did get that far down the coast on the mainland. However, I have been to Europe a couple of times and you're right, Quebec is very European in a lot of ways. That is probably one reason I always enjoy it so much. I look forward to your trip and pictures of the Gaspe. I wonder if the little children still sell boats carved by their fathers along the road sides? I haven't been to the Gaspe for years. Watch for Cod drying racks.

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