Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday 14th July 2011……moving east a little ways!!!

Said my goodbyes to Joy and Colin around 9.30am this morning and I must say what a great time I had with them and cannot say enough about how kind they were thanks!!!!

Colin led me out to the highway and had given me instructions how to get onto the big Highway 401 on the outskirts of Toronto I had heard about this highway it was like 42 lanes well maybe   a little less  but it was busy and I had vehicles flying by me on both sides but with Colin’s directions I made it through with only one wrong turn which I quickly corrected.

Sorry there are no photos as my camera is toast so I shall go to Costco tomorrow and yet again plead and try and get it replaced!!!!

By 3.30pm I was pulling into my destination

july14 013

and the home of Heather and Scott, Becky and Adam…….Scott and Kirby(my family on the Bank) are brothers….it was a good re-union and nice to see the family again……they have a lovely home with a great swimming pool in the back yard.

Scott BBQ some great steaks and we had a delicious dinner after which Scott and I had a beautiful walk along the lake front…

july14 005

july14 008

july14 010

It was a great walk and the city is very clean lots of green spaces and seems like a really modern and energetic community!!

Back home I was in for a treat Scott had been telling me about desert….BBQ donuts….now I have never heard of this before but what the heck I love donuts and I like BBQ…..

It was a family affair with Scott getting help from Heather and Becky!!!

july14 017

The end results was only one comment   a definite 10!!!!!!!

july14 018

See how I clean up with my new haircut and my new buddy Argyle!!!

july14 014


You have often read here about Kirby and Scott’s Dad, Ken…he was a special man to me and today would have been his 77th Birthday and Scott promised his Dad that on his Birthday he would drink a glass of scotch and smoke a cigar….here he is!!!!

july14 019

It is also Uncle Bob’s Birthday today too so Happy Birthday Bob……I shall be with Bob and his lovely bride Doll tomorrow…..

Thanks Heather and Scott and the kids for a great afternoon and evening wonderful food and great company how lucky am I to have so many special friends????

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