Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday 12th July 2011……..The Falls!!!

Woke up to yet another lovely hot sunny morning…this is Joy and Colin’s Mexico room..

jluy12 002

after a great breakfast and a laundry chore

jluy12 003

Colin and I left for a couple of hours of sight seeing and what better way to do it!!!!

jluy12 014

jluy12 004

jluy12 012

We drove past the hordes of tourists and the Falls knowing that I was coming back later on foot to check them out…instead we went on a tour of the area..

jluy12 015

One of the smallest churches anywhere!!!

jluy12 017

jluy12 020

jluy12 019

We then drove into Welland where 7 locks connect Lake Ontario and Erie and spent about 35 minutes watching this huge ship go through the lock I have to confess I had never seen anything quite like this before!!!

jluy12 023

jluy12 024

This boat was in the far lock and it was going down

jluy12 027

You can just see the top of the boat in the near lock

jluy12 029

jluy12 031

jluy12 032

There she goes!!!

jluy12 037

jluy12 039

It was fascinating just to stand and watch the power of the water, the genius of the engineering and how smoothly it all went.

Colin then dropped me off by the Falls he went home and I went walking and I must say my first impression of the Falls was not a good one

jluy12 040

I thought wow I have seen much higher falls than these!!!

Yes I am joshing you here they are!!!!!

jluy12 045

jluy12 051

jluy12 052

jluy12 053

jluy12 054

jluy12 061

I am going to go on that boat tomorrow…..the Falls just take your breath away such force and power and to be able to get so close just awesome!!!!!

jluy12 064

I like this sign Joy and Colin live here a suburb of Niagara…

We had a great evening some wonderful BBQ food and good company!!!

jluy12 065

Gloria   Joy`s sister, Joy,                   Colin             Pauline and Mark, neighbours!!






It was a wonderful end to a very special day…..tomorrow Gloria has managed to get free passes for me to see some of the sights and attractions down by the Falls so I look forward to that.

Thanks for a great day Joy and Colin!!!

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