Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday 30th July 2011…rain rain go away!!!!

So last night by the Church proved to be a great spot and I had an undisturbed sleep but woke up to a dull cool morning so it seemed like a good idea to get and the road and find this place…

july3000000000000 008

july3000000000000 009

So whilst the clothes were getting washed I took a stroll through town…always a nice looking church

july3000000000000 007

and a quaint harbour

july3000000000000 006

and of course the..

july3000000000000 015

So the shirts I don’t put in the dryer and they hand dry in a few minutes!!!

july3000000000000 019

The weather was deteriorating and I kept on driving

july3000000000000 020until my lunch time stop!!

Some scenes in the afternoon

july3000000000000 023

july3000000000000 025

july3000000000000 026

july3000000000000 028

I did want to hike this trail but just too wet!!!

july3000000000000 037

july3000000000000 033

By now it was serious rain and no end in sight so as I was close to the town of Gaspe I decided to stop for the night and hope tomorrow brings brighter skies….I found a McDonalds with a huge parking lot and found a good place to stop for the night at around 5pm…by the time I was settling in three other Rv’s pulled in so I won’t be lonely!!

Had a great supper of left overs from last night…showered… sorted out my sock drawer….that was a joke!!!!

july3000000000000 038Quebec City on the left and tonight’s stay ay Gaspe on right!!


Tea and a movie coming up and I think tomorrow I will be in New Brunswick before I head onto PEI on Monday.

The Gaspe Bay peninsular was a pretty nice drive with some very scenic views and small towns and a drive I enjoyed and shall remember……

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