Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday 21st July 2011…….Your lucky day!!!

You get another of those free Pearson guided tours!!!!

After a great and quiet sleep and whilst Esther and Steve were working I walked back to the Parliament Buildings for the changing of the guard followed by an amphibious bus tour which was followed by a 90 minute open double deck bus tour so sit back and enjoy!!!!

july22   11111111 001

july22   11111111 005

I used to polish my boots like these when I was a young Police Officer!!

july22   11111111 006

july22   11111111 009

july22   11111111 015

july22   11111111 034

july22   11111111 038

july22   11111111 059

july22   11111111 042

july22   11111111 044

july22   11111111 055

july22   11111111 060

july22   11111111 064

july22   11111111 065

july22   11111111 066

The photos above are of the RCMP Musical Ride Campus and this where Kirby’s Grandfather was in charge!!

july22   11111111 068

july22   11111111 069

A few friends told me when in Ottawa to go to the market and have a Beaver tail didn’t quite know what they meant but as you know I always do what I am told so I got off the bus at the market and found

july22   11111111 074

My Beaver Tail maker…

july22   11111111 075

I think the Tail rivals Timmie’s donuts!!!!!

I really enjoyed the tours seeing all the buildings and learning lots about my country!!!

Back at the apartment late afternoon Esther, Steve and I set off for the weekend at the cottage, yes another lake cottage weekend!!!

This is Farren Lake about70 minutes from Ottawa and really I am only about 30 minutes from where I was last week at Otter Lake!!!

july22   11111111 077The road in…

july22   11111111 079Could I get any closer to the lake??

july22   11111111 083

july22   11111111 094

Today was recorded as one of the hottest days ever so the lake was such a welcome joy!!!!

Esther and Steve cooked a fabulous meal and we met friends from the next cottage and at 11pm i was crawling into bed tired and very happy!!

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