Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday 25th July 2011…….Bonjour!!!

The night was very quiet and I had a great sleep after breakfast I packed up lunch and lots of drinks and headed out for my day down town Montreal….it was only a 5 minute walk to

july255555555555555555 001the Metro station.

For $5.50 I get a return ticket and down I go

july255555555555555555 003all very modern and fast!!

I got off the tube and started walking towards the old Port of Montreal and these are the views on the way!!

july255555555555555555 006


july255555555555555555 008

july255555555555555555 010

Reminds me of the streets of Mexico!!

july255555555555555555 016

The clock tower on the river!!

july255555555555555555 023

The views from the top of the tower..

july255555555555555555 031

july255555555555555555 033

There is a free weeks subscription to my blog for the first person to guess how many steps there were to the top of the Clock Tower!!!

july255555555555555555 034

july255555555555555555 036

I liked this next photo just an ordinary fire escape about 5 floors up…

july255555555555555555 038

This is the Basilica

july255555555555555555 042

a beautiful building that I would have liked to have seen inside but it is the first church on my travels that they wanted an entrance fee to get in…that goes against my principles so I did not go in.

july255555555555555555 045This is the Bell Centre home of the Montreal Hockey team!!

july255555555555555555 047

These sunflowers were huge!!

july255555555555555555 043

I got back to Ramona around 4pm after a wonderful tour of the old city…..I was very impressed with the people I spoke to… all French Canadians who were friendly and helpful…I always started my question with a smile and Bonjour and sorry I do not speak French!!

The one thing I have to mention as it was so rampant was the incredible number of women who smoke…never seen so many puffing away quite amazing.

I am going to go back to the parking lot I was last night and post this then I am going to try and get out of the city and head towards Quebec I hope to take a smaller highway which runs by the river….


There's supposed to be a name here said...

winnah, winnah chicken dinnnah!

192 steps later.....

mexicokid said...

Don't know who you are but you are the lucky or unlucky winner!!!

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