Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tuesday 5th July 2011…I know I am a day behind!!

It is now 3pm and I am in a parking lot of McDonalds almost into the Bad lands of South Dakota and I will bring you right up to date!!

So we go back to Sunday night and me parked at the RV park in Lander….

july4 001

july4 013

See I clean up not bad eh????

july4 017

Had a great sleep and the next morning very humid and overcast and I went down town!!

july4 023

Happy 4th of July to my American friends!!!!

july4 028

july4 031

july4 036

july4 033

july4 034

july4 041These folks were happy to see me wearing my Mexican soccer shirt!!

In all truth it wasn’t really a great parade but it was fun!!

I looked at the road maps and I figured with a good day of driving I could be at Mount Rushmore by about 8pm and watch the light show so that is where I was headed…

july4 044

july4 048

Best gas price yet!!!!!

july4 051

Soon this

july4 052

turned to this!!!

july4 055

My first time in this State!!

july4 057

It was a drive of nearly 400 miles and I did arrive at Mount Rushmore by 8pm and my first photo I could not help thinking of what my Anderson boys on the Bank said when they were here a couple of years…that sure looks like DAD!!!!!

Sure enough I thought the same thing too!!!!

july4 059

I found a seat at the back of the Amphitheatre and when the Ranger came on stage at 9pm there were hundreds of people seated.  What a thrill for me to be here on the 4th of July surrounded by Veterans and a light show and the singing of the anthem..yes I shed a tear!!!!!

july4 060

july4 062

july4 066

july4 068This little camera is beginning to amaze me more each day!!

july4 075

july4 076

I am really quite good at finding places to stay that are safe and quiet and I found another one last night in the parking lot of the information centre of

july4 085

Had yet another great sleep and decided not to pay the 12 dollars to go the Crazy Horse site I would if you were allowed to climb up

july4 087

I then took the wildlife loop of the Custer Park supposed to be the biggest herd of Buffalo in the Nation….I think they all must have been partying too much last night because I saw not a one!!!!!

Did see lots of these…

jullllll 018

Love this photo below I took it through the rear view mirror!!

jullllll 016

jullllll 014

jullllll 011

jullllll 012

jullllll 003

jullllll 006

jullllll 024

jullllll 020

So there you are up to date…I am now going into the scenic drives of the Bad lands and continuing my way east hope to post again tomorrow…blessings!!

Map picture
Map picture

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