Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday 26th July 2011….after 32 days it had to happen…”Rain stop play!!!”

It was a very lovely sleep last night but woke up to heavy rain!!!!

I was on the road by 9am and it did stop raining for the 60 odd miles to Quebec I took the scenic route and it was…

July2666666666666666 008

July2666666666666666 006

July2666666666666666 007

July2666666666666666 003

Both these churches in two different villages were very elegant and beautiful!!!

July2666666666666666 001

The plan today was to drive to the south side of the St.Lawrence river to a town called Levis where there is a Wal-Mart where I can stay then take Bonita down to the ferry terminal and take the short ferry to old Quebec City!!

Map picture

I found the Wal-Mart Ok but I also found the rain as soon as I pulled in at 11am it started to rain and didn’t stop till 6pm!!!

July2666666666666666 009

July2666666666666666 010

I amused myself by cleaning and sorting yet again in Ramona and reading and planning.

When it did clear up I got Bonita off the ramp and drove down to check out the ferry terminal and my first glimpse of Quebec City…

July2666666666666666 012

I am now in a McDonalds posting this…tomorrow is supposed to be nice so the plan is to take Bonita on the ferry and go touring and sight seeing……….


Elaine said...

Now that you're in Quebec, don't forget to have some sinful potine, it's just so good.
Elaine in Saltair BC

mexicokid said...

Already did and it is!!!! Cheers Les

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