Sunday, July 03, 2011

Tuesday 28th June 2011……..The Yellowstone Experience is near!!

After the last post the photo of Bonita outside the Yellowstone sign I went here..

jun28 001

This is a sanctuary for rescued bears and wolves that otherwise would be was very well laid out and I enjoyed watching this big guy play and knock aside the piece of wood like it was a match stick!!

jun28 009

I love the crow in the foreground!!

The wolves were not so friendly..

jun28 005

I then attended a lecture on wolves

jun28 011this was very informative and interesting.

I then drove back to the camp ground and had a walk that the camp ground host told me about it was very sunny and warm and the walk was a good one with this nest the highlight!!!

jun28 013

I think this is such a great photo and cannot say too much about my little Canon camera!!!

jun28 015A small osprey

jun28 016a bigger Osprey!!!!

Forgot to mention when I was in town I went to the Ranger Information centre and sat down with a great young Ranger named Tom who spent 15 minutes with me going over my itinerary for the next 5 days I had done lots of homework and he was impressed with my knowledge as he says most guests come in and ask for directions to Old Faithful!!

He gave me a good plan and suggested that when I do see Old Faithful to go at sunset, less crowds and spectacular colours!!

Back at camp after the walk it was 5.30pm and still very warm so my lounge chair was called into service and I read and dozed for over one hour!!!!

I am allowed to use the generator until 10pm so I warmed up yet another meal I brought from home I still have lots left…..then loaded Bonita back onto the ramp takes about 10 minutes……had a shave just for you Janet!!!!   A wonderful shower..tea and cookies and now going to watch a movie…not a bad life….

So tomorrow’s plan is to leave early and do some walks and attractions and work my way around to the campground at Canyon Village they keep my reservation open for me!!

Tomorrows route ending at Canyon!!

mm 001

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