Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday 8th July 2011….this…that… and the other!!!!!

This post starts yesterday morning after I posted from the McDonalds….I drove along long straight roads and know why Nebraska is the corn Husker State!!!

july7 004

july7 003

july7 002

As you are aware by now I like to stay on the secondary highways and I was trying to get around Omaha but following the GPS and my maps all was well till I hit road closures and detours…this happened three times and put an extra 50 miles on my route and after the third time I was completely lost so I pulled into a gas station and sobbed out my story and the lady told me how to get onto the highway that I was looking for.

I went back out and got in Ramona and this man came running out of the station flagging me down he came to the window and I thought here goes the throw away wallet again!!!!!  Too quick to judge..he told me he had over heard the conversation and that the girl was wrong then he told me about the road closures because the big Mississippi River that runs down the length of the State was flooded and the bridges were all closed that is why I was being detoured and the route the lady had told me would not work because of the bridges being down.

He asked me where I wanted to be and when I told him he told me he had a spare 45 minutes and just to follow him and he would get me to the highway I needed by passing the closures!!!

It was like being in Mexico again…I thanked him so much shook his hand and gave him a Canadian key chain and off we go..

july7 005

That is the good Samaritan in front of me…..about 25 minutes later he stopped and pointed for me to turn right and away he went…how wonderfully kind people can be.

Soon I was in the State of

july7 028

and I had a revelation!!!!!!

Today was Ramona’s Birthday!!!!!  It is 4 years to the day that my friend Karen drove me down to Marysville in Washington State and I picked her up……well……Ramona was “born” at the Winnebago Hospital in guess where?????   YES….IOWA!!!so how fitting that she is in her home State on her Birthday.    I can hear some of you saying that Pearson boy is he ever cracking up!!!

We celebrated with a spa treatment!!!

july7 007

Across from the car wash was a new theatre and I thought why not ask maybe there is a show tonight so I did and met this lovely lady

july7 008

showing off her Canadian key chain who wanted to show me all around backstage and everywhere just so friendly and then when I was leaving I saw this plaque

july7 009

My Dad who was a Mason would be happy!!!

I broke one of my own rules yesterday!!!   When I see something and think should I stop well I always do…well I didn’t yesterday…I came through the county line of Madison County and immediately thought about the movie the Bridges of Madison County which Ii enjoyed I know I admit to liking some chick flicks…well I thought it won’t be the same county but as I was reading my tour book last night I realized it was..big mistake!!

I like this photo…

july7 015

I checked out the map and as it was about 5pm I decided to stop at the first place that looked good for the night and I found it here

july7 023

across the highway was

july7 022

I drove in and it was a cul de sac and very lovely and quiet a perfect resting place.

july7 016

july7 018

july7 024

july7 025

I decided to go for a walk across the highway into the town it was about a mile and this is the main street!!!

july7 030

A perfect setting!!

july7 031

Anybody spot Ramona??

july7 032

On the way back to the park saw this sign

july7 033

I guess I will have to stick to my tea and cookies tonight!!!!

july7 034

july7 035

Just a few facts and figures…this is day 14 and my cost for campgrounds is 112 dollars about 8 dollars per night.

drove over 2655 miles and spent 890 dollars on gas about 60 dollars per day…..

Happy Birthday to Kirby!!!!!

So it is Friday morning 10am had a great sleep the sun is shining and I am heading for Illinois!!!

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