Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wednesday 29th June 2011……..not very articulate but WOW!!!!

It was important to look well groomed for the animals I was hoping to see…..

jun29 002

Had a great sleep and was up at 6am…yes you read right 6am and was in the park by 6.30am the gates are open and staffed 24 hours a day and it was only a few minutes before I saw my first glimpse of wildlife!!

jun29 005

It is just amazing to see these huge beasts right by the roadside.

jun29 007

jun29 008

My first glimpse

jun29 015

jun29 014

jun29 012

jun29 017


I just really like the above photo I think it symbolises what this country is about…

jun29 019

How about these little guys!!!

jun29 030

jun29 035

Like this shot too…

jun29 037

jun29 039

jun29 040

jun29 041

jun29 051

jun29 052

This Bison was just having lunch!!

jun29 055

jun29 057

jun29 064

jun29 072

jun29 071

jun29 077

jun29 080

jun29 087

jun29 086

jun29 093

jun29 099

jun29 114

jun29 118

The weather changed in the late afternoon as I approached the Canyon Campground plus the altitude here is over 7900 feet

jun30 002

Ramona all settled in there is still snow behind her..I am booked here for 2 nights this is a huge campground there are showers, laundry and a dump and water station, also rest rooms….. cost 21 dollars per night.

So it was just a wonderful day I think the plan and route that I took was a good one and I hope tomorrow that I can do two serious hikes.

The usual tonight, shower, dinner movie and tea…life is not all that bad!!

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