Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday 11th July 2011………Oh Canada!!!!

Had a great sleep and didn’t show my face till after 8.30am…..and was on the road a few minutes later and shortly after that into yet another State this time…

july11 024

This was my last State and time change so now I can set the clock to eastern time for sure.

I thought I was back in Mexico here passing the toll booth!!!

july11 021




Pretty soon I was near Buffalo and the the bridge I had to go over to get to the border crossing.

july11 025

july11 027

july11 028

july11 031

I really did not know what to expect at the Border crossing after my last incident it would not have surprised me if I had been flagged so I went up to the gate with an open mind….the Officer on duty asked the usual questions and it did not start to well when he asked me what I had bought and was bringing into Canada I assumed he meant booze, cigs, veggies etc. so I told him nothing that is when the lecture started he said how could I be in the States three weeks and not have anything you don’t eat????   This was not going well so I explained that of course I thought he meant any of the things that were taxable or not allowed and yes I did have food.  Then he got really off tangent and told me saying I have nothing was paramount to saying bomb on a plane!!!!  Here we go again I thought….I just said I was sorry yes I had some food..he gave me back my passport and told me to have a nice day!!   No comment!!

july11 032

I found a nice spot along the river to have lunch

july11 034

and by 4pm I was going into Joy and Colin’s driveway!!!

july11 036

It is great to see them again we always meet in Mexico they are lovely and so kind to me…so it was an evening of visiting and catching up and of course with these guys great food!!!!!

So I am staying here three days and doing the touristy stuff tomorrow…feels good to be home again!!!!

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