Sunday, July 03, 2011

Thursday 30th June 2011……..Gob Smacked!!!


Had a good sleep although there was a nasty storm during the night and you will see in the photos at least 40 trees knocked down some over the hiking trails.

I treated myself to a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and toast and tea and read owner of the newspapers i had brought with me from home I always enjoy doing that.

I just want to make a comment and this is in no way a criticism but right across from me last night a family arrived in a SUV Mom and Dad and 5 kids the oldest must be about 10 years old it was about 6.30pm and they proceeded to set up a tent and unload all the gear…it must have been cold and miserable with all the rain last night.  then before 9am this morning they were packing up

jun30 003

and they were on their way by 9am…certainly not my idea of fun!!

Packed up a good lunch and lots of drinks on my way by 10am and it was lovely and sunny and warm.  I was heading into the canyons and Bonita had her first encounter after about 5 minutes of driving!!

jun30 001

This is the map of the canyon areajun30 005

I first hiked the North Rim and then the south rim…I went to all the lookouts and i think I hiked about 10 miles…sit back and enjoy these photos!!!!!

jun30 007

jun30 009

jun30 012

jun30 014

jun30 020Osprey nest Love this little camera that nest was a long way away!!

jun30 021

jun30 022

jun30 023

jun30 033Lunch stop!!

jun30 034If ANYONE mentions that little spot on the top of my head you will be banned from the blog for 2 years!!!!!

jun30 037

jun30 038

jun30 043

jun30 048

jun30 054

I had already been down to the bottom of the canyon at least 4 times so to see this sign was a bit of a shock as it was now way past 4pm and my little old legs were feeling it BUT you know that PEARSON stubbornness had to do it!!!!

jun30 055

jun30 057

jun30 059

jun30 062

jun30 063

The view was spectacular and the hike back up those steps was a bit of a ,,,,,,,,,,

jun30 067

Probably the most famous shot in the park taken from Artist Point.

Now to re-trace the trails back…but on the way stopped here for a few minutes

jun30 071

Know what the B stands for?????

jun30 073Yes Bison and Baby!!!

a few mu

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