Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday 23rd July2011….an easy post!!

Just read Friday’s post and repeat for today!!!!

The only problem was when Steve and I went to play tennis this morning after two points he pulled up with a calf problem….he said it was the way he turned but I like to think it was the ferocious power of my passing forehand shot that he stretched too far and too late!!!  Anyway we stopped playing and he iced his leg and then we



kayaked to a different small lake !!

boooottttt 004

boooottttt 006

boooottttt 008

There were so many of these lilies in the lake!!

Esther’s parents and Sister and family came over and they are all wonderful people who have been so kind to me….another wonderful supper and a late night with a victory for me at scrabble and a first…I had a Canadian cottage favourite that i had never heard of but enjoyed a S’MORE!!!!!!

You will have to guess what that was!!!!!

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