Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday 11th July 2011…should be back in Canada today!!!

It is 9am Monday morning and you already know where I am parked and what I am doing….I am about 2 hours from the Canadian Border in Niagara falls and hope to cross over before lunch and then be with Joy and Colin..catching you up from this morning had a long drive through really uneventful secondary highways

july10 001

july10 012

all the while listening to an enthralling women’s soccer game from Germany it was between Brazil and USA and the commentator at the end said it was the best game he had ever seen men or women and I tend to agree it sounded so exciting and had everything from goals in the first and last minute, red cards, penalties re-taken and extra time and then a shoot out!!!


with the USA coming out as victors…it really was a great way to pass a couple of hours!!!

Around 4pm I had lost another hour now on eastern time zone I looked for a place to stop for a while and pretty soon found this great park on the shores of Lake Erie..

july10 010

Just in case you are wondering what the orange thing is you keep seeing it is a towel that my seamster man in SMA made into a seat cover and every time I stop I air it out!!!

july10 007


july10 003

I had a nice couple of hours break here very peaceful and warm…..back on the road again and soon crossing into

july10 016

I passed by this diner

july10 015

I had to stop and turn around it looked too good to pass up and sure enough I ordered a turkey sandwich and milk shake….$6.18 and both were delicious!!!!

Around 9pm time to stop for the night and this was a welcome sight

july10 018

I have showered and gone for a walk through the store got a movie from the Red Box and now going to settle down for the night….


Croft said...

Just curious... Do you normally ask if it is OK to park overnight in Walmart and if so, have you ever been refused? We actually found many of them that gave an initial "No" from the Customer Service desk but changed to a "Yes" from a "manager" after we reminded them of Walmart's official policy of allowing RVers.

mexicokid said...

I always ask and have never had a problem at all.....cheers Les

Croft said...

Interesting. It must be your charming British accent!

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