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Friday 1st July 2011….HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!!!!

I have a confession to make….I didn’t wake up till 9am!!!!

Was a beautiful sunny morning and I dressed appropriately to help celebrate Canada Day!!

jul1 089

jul1 090

I did some homework over breakfast and decided to change plans a little…I was leaving this campground this morning and going to Grant Village about 40 miles away where I had 2 nights booked..I was thinking if I could cancel my second night without a fee or a charge I would and just stay at Grant one night and then move down to the Grand Tetons tomorrow.

So the plan now was to drive to Grant check in and then go touring around the Old Faithful area in Ramona…I knew I was going to be late and as the campground only allows generators till 8pm that is what I did it is now 10pm and I am parked in a rest area I have showered had dinner and using the generator to charge the laptop and write this.  When I have finished I shall drive to my site have tea and watch a show!!

So the Free Pearson tour is being offered, sit back, favourite beverage in hand and enjoy!!!

jul1 003A common site!!!

jul1 005

jul1 018

jul1 015

jul1 022

jul1 027

jul1 034

jul1 039

I then arrived at

jul1 040

and I had to wait 15 minutes in line but the good news was that I could stay the one night and not get charged for the second night!!

I found my site a bit tight but cosy!!

jul1 041

Back on the road again..

jul1 042

jul1 043

jul1 049

jul1 055

The next part of the trip I had learned from a friend's blog and a side trip worth taking…

jul1 060

The trail was to Lone Star Geyser nearly three miles away.

The trail was beautiful and lonely…

jul1 062

jul1 065

Haven’t seen many flowers

jul1 067

This is not for the feint of heart..


as you have seen the trail was small and I had seen no one and did I mention the bear warning signs at the trail head…anyway I am approaching this bend in the trail and I hear a great commotion around the corner…I put my camera away and get out my bear spray remove the safety lever and start singing softly “ Nice bear nice bear”….I edge around the corner very slowly and come face to face with this monster!!!!!!!

I remained very cool and calm and passed by unscathed!!!!!





jul1 066

I arrived at the geyser and it was an awesome sight..

jul1 069

I had checked the eruption times at the Ranger office and knew I had about 30 minutes to wait I sat down on a log sunbathed and had my lunch and it was so cool to be the only one there!!!

jul1 068

Well just before the eruption 2 other couples arrived!!

jul1 071

jul1 087

jul1 085

This was a magical moment to be so alone in nature and see this magnificent show of the earth’s power a moment to remember and in fact this was to me more impressive than Old Faithful that I saw later on!!!

jul1 092Back on the road again!!

jul1 097

jul1 100

jul1 105

jul1 106

Around 7.30pm I arrived here

jul1 109

Could not believe the people

jul1 116

jul1 118A lovely little Amish girl!!


It was timed to erupt at 8.05pm but by 8.20pm nothing had happened and people were grumbling and starting to leave…. as if the geyser knew what time it was!!!!

A couple of minutes later…there she blows!!!!

jul1 120

As I mentioned before much preferred the Lone Star geyser!!

So another wonderful day…it has been three days of pure bliss and I highly recommend that Yellowstone National Park goes on your bucket list!!

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