Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday 29th July 2011….back on the road again!!!

Yet another fine night’s sleep and after getting my 5 gallon water jug filled at the local grocery store I was on the road by 9am.

The first two hour’s were uneventful on the highway except for this..

july2999999999999999 001

I was soon back on the smaller secondary road and found this little gem

july2999999999999999 005

july2999999999999999 004

Good job I had a big breakfast this sucker was heavy!!!!

july2999999999999999 009

After stopping at a Provincial Park and I was allowed to empty my grey tank and fill up with fresh water back on the road again..

july2999999999999999 011

It was about 3pm and I decided enough for one day and turned into the little quaint town of St.Ulric and found this park

july2999999999999999 016

Looks perfect

july2999999999999999 015

I walked all the way down the main street and back on the beach.

july2999999999999999 022

july2999999999999999 023

I know you like games but no clues this time…spot Ramona!!!!!

july2999999999999999 030

A heavy rainstorm came through!!!

july2999999999999999 032

Today was a culinary test I have been eating frozen meals I prepared before I left and of course staying with friends so today was the first time to try out my new steamer pan.  Thanks to my friend Gail in Kelowna….I am now the proud owner of this

july2999999999999999 033

july2999999999999999 034

Fresh carrots, turnips and potatoes and they all cooked perfectly in about 20 minutes and only one pot to clean…thanks Gail!!!!

I turned on my computer and lucky enough to get Internet but then the bad news happened!!!!

The arrival of a guy in a Municipal truck and he was very friendly shook my hand asked where I was from and then told me I could not spend the night here!!!!

Oh well this is the second time in over 600 overnights that I have been asked to move on….so I cleaned up the dishes from dinner posted this and now 8pm I will be back on the road and I am sure somewhere close down the highway I will find the right spot…….wish you all a great weekend!!!!

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