Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday 15th July 2011…I landed in Paradise!!!

Sorry I didn’t get on the Internet last night so this post is from yesterday…will post again later tonight!!

After Scott cooked me a great breakfast I was on the road by 9.30am first stop was a gas station on the reserve where gas was $1.17 cheapest I have seen in Canada and then onto Kingston  and Costco.

By now you know my camera got water damaged by the Falls and not usable I had the receipt and off I went to the return desk ….no more than 5 minutes later I was walking out of Costco with a brand new camera exactly the same as I had got in Nanaimo….just have to love Costco!!!!!

I then drove towards downtown Kingston and found somewhere to park and walked to downtown at the Visitors Centre.  Kingston had a nice feel to it and lots of activities….there was a trolley tour for 12 dollars which I took and enjoyed and learned lots about the are some of the sights!!

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These two guys were so funny they carried a radio blaring out marching music!!!!!!

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Kingston is the home to many prisons, the Queens College and the Royal Military Academy…it was a great tour and I enjoyed seeing and learning about the city.

Back on the road again I stopped here for a quick bite to eat!!

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Pretty soon I was turning into the small drive way to my next kind hosts Aunt Doll and Uncle Bob…Aunt Doll and my great friend Ken were siblings!!!

11111111111111111 065

11111111111111111 001Ramona resting in the shade!!

11111111111111111 004


The house is lovely and right on Otter Lake!!!!

11111111111111111 007

Do you think I could resist??

11111111111111111 011

Doll is so sweet she had my favourite dinner waiting for me

11111111111111111 012

She had some help from Bob!!

11111111111111111 013

11111111111111111 014

We had a fantastic turkey meal with all the trimmings and then went down by the lake for the sunset!!

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11111111111111111 023

july15 012

july15 007

july15 001

What a great day and it is so nice to see Doll and Bob again and they are so lovely…I am here for a few days with a full itinerary…..blessings!!

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