Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday 7th July 2011……The Bad lands!!!

See a pattern here I am a day behind again but no Internet Tuesday night so here I am in Norfolk, Nebraska ….


So this post below starts after the last one on Tuesday!!

I entered the national Park around 4pm

july5 001

and there is a scenic drive which I took.

july5 011

july5 016

july5 020

july5 022

After I found a place to stay for the night

july5 028

It was time for a read..

july5 027

This interesting statement was at the overlook..

july5 029

july5 030

july5 031

july5 032

Time for the sunset show!!!

july5 069

july5 068

july5 056

july5 040

july5 049

My watch dog!!!!

july5 060

july5 064

After supper it was route planning time!!!

july5 037

july5 038

The journey so far!!!!!

So ends yet another wonderful chapter in this saga of travels!!!

Woke up rested and feeling good but it was only 6am!!!!!

Anyway I got on the road and these few shots were taken around 7am this morning.

july6 001

july6 003

Before I left the park filled up with water and emptied the tank…yes CROFT one tank!!

july6 008

I am sticking to the secondary highways much less traffic, I get to see the small towns and can maintain a good speed but lots of views like this!!

july6 010

After a couple of hours I crossed the State line into Nebraska

july6 024

and stopped at the first small town..

july6 012

I went into the local Visitor Centre and the nice young lady directed me to here

july6 013

Home of the

july6 023

It was a short but pretty hike

july6 014

july6 015

july6 017

july6 021

Although not huge the walls were very attractive and I liked the flow of the water!!

Back on the flat long roads and around 2pm I found myself getting very tired so I found this nice safe place

july6 026

where I thought I would take a few snoozes…..well 2 hours later!!!!! How sad is that!!!!

Anyway back on the road and I lost another hour in time difference somewhere today so now 2 hours in front of Vancouver time…..I have had supper, showered found a good spot in the Wal-Mart parking lot to stay the night I will just drive up to the local McDonalds and post this and then come back here park, tea and a movie.

The plan hopefully is to be in Niagara Falls by Sunday and stay with my friends Joy and Colin for a couple of days and a little hair trim too please Joy!!!

Map picture


Well this was the first McDonalds where I couldn’t get Internet so now I am further down the highway at another location and can finally post…so it is now actually 10am on Thursday morning and i think by this evening I shall be in Illinois!!!!

So now you have it bang up to the minute!!!!


Croft said...

I found instructions for you on how to use an RV toilet! Study carefully, there will be a test!

So some McDonalds do not have WIFI! I wish we were with you Les!

Did you hear a hiker was killed by a grizzly in Yellowstone just after you left!

Esther said...

You are really booting along! Ontario by Sunday! Got that tennis racquet warmed up?

mexicokid said...

Toilet forget it.....only Macy's so far without Wifi it is very fast and good and yes i heard about the hiker so sad...cheers Les

Esther you do know you are referring to the Bermuda Police Singles Champion from 1971 -1974????

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