Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday 10th September 2011…..on the road and a change of plans!!

Well this morning I had two firsts!!!  Karen told me Saturday morning was egg and grits day so I had my first taste of grits and also Nana mint tea, a tea popular in Africa…..the grits were well how do you describe grits??  The tea very minty and sweet….I said my thanks and goodbyes to Karen and Rob they have been wonderful to me…I may be passing this way again next week if not the next time I see them will be in the RV park in San Miguel!!!

My first stop was the very pretty village of Bear River

sep10 001

sep10 002

Paula had told me about this delightful Mom and Pop bakery/cafe so I had to stop and get a few supplies!!!!!

sep10 010

My next stop was Digby where I strolled the sea wall..

sep10 011

sep10 012

I then drove onto Digby Neck which is the same road Rob and I took a couple of days ago when we went whale watching and I actually took the same small ferry and continued on the road toward the end of the Neck.

sep10 015

The next place is quite famous!!

sep10 017

sep10 019A very easy trail..

sep10 020

sep10 023

sep10 025

sep10 026

sep10 027

sep10 029

It really is neat to see!!

Rob this photo is taken from the rock looking across to your place I think that is Church Point church!!

sep10 030

It was about 4pm and I decided it was time to stop for the night and I just turned down a street called Beautiful Cove

today 010

and figured this was the place and I was right!!

sep10 032

sep10 033

sep10 035

It was still warm so time for

sep10 038

until the sun started to go down

sep10 040

then it got cold!!

I had a lovely steak dinner thanks to Karen and Rob and a delicious Blueberry grunt thanks to Paula and Jerry…….boy am I lucky!!!

The sunset was beautiful!!

sunn 001

sunn 006

I love the above photo…Ramona full moon and my shadow!!

sunn 008

This is only the second time in my life the other time was in Barra de Navidad that I stood and faced and watched the sun come down and set and then turn around and see the full moon rising….an awesome experience!!!

today 007

sep10 043

You can see that I am parked almost across from where I was last night!!!

Tomorrow I go back to Paula and Jerry’s..Jerry has an appointment at a body shop for me on Monday to see  what price and how soon they can do the body work on Ramona if this does not work out I shall wait till I get to San Miguel.

There was quite an earthquake on Vancouver Island yesterday Croft said he felt it in Campbell River but Sara did not in Bamfield nor did Heather in Nanaimo…so glad all my friends are OK!!


…….Happy Sunday to all!!

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