Saturday, September 03, 2011

Friday 2nd September 2011……a driving day!!

Enough of these leisurely breakfasts and sunny mornings lets get on the road and put all these concerts and vistas behind me!!!

This was the last stretch of the Cabot Trail and a wonderful drive that I would recommend to anyone!!

Now I am heading for the western side of Nova Scotia and I did a drive of 220 miles I did stop at a few places…

sept2 007

There was a look out full of tourists so came back on the road and walked out on the bridge and the view all to myself..

sept2 008

sept2 015

Don’t give me heck I only take photos of what I see!!!!!!

sept2 011

These young ladies were swimming in the mud flats and the tide is about to come in….it is not tsunami like but it was interesting to watch it come down the channel…

sept2 022

sept2 024

sept2 004

I was now driving through lush farm land!!

sept2 002

sept2 028

Cannot go past a fresh produce sign!!!

sept2 026

sept2 027

How fresh can you get???????

sept2 034$4 dollars worth and organic!!!!!

sept2 039

This was a lovely rest stop!!!

sept2 036

sept2 032

sept2 037

These were taken about 5 minutes apart!!

I checked on the map and thought that this place would be a good stop for the night…

sept2 043

Home of the last shingled and wooden lighthouse!!

sept2 041

The sign on the gate stated no overnight parking and the gates close at dusk…so Plan B …if I had one.  I decided I had enough time to have supper here and those freshly dug veggies sure were tasty and the scenery …well what do you think??

sept2 044

sept2 045

sept2 051

sept2 052

sept2 056

sept2 057

The ladies came to close the gate and apologized for having to lock me out…no problem I just drove through the small community and saw this

sept2 070

There was a huge field next to the station and cars in the parking lot and lights in the building so I went inside and

sept2 068the ladies were playing Bingo and I asked permission to spend the night and was told for sure.  I then asked if I was safe with all these lovely ladies around to which one smiling old dear said….”You can only hope my darling!!!”   Too funny….

So now showered and ready for my tea and movie!!

sept2 072

I have a 10 mile hike planned for tomorrow then Sunday I have been invited by friends of friends to spend the night at their house and they have friends who I met in San Miguel 2 years ago coming for supper…so new and old friends…then later on in the week going to visit more friends that I know well also from San Miguel…life is good…Happy long weekend to you!!!


Sara said...

Great shot of the red river ....and the mud girls.....

mexicokid said...

what can I say??

mexicokid said...

what can I say??

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