Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday 27th September 2011…another State one I cannot spell!!!

Had a lovely breakfast and enjoyed sitting outside reading my paper as the sun was out and in full force……I am only in New Hampshire for another few miles and I wanted to take advantage of the no sales tax so did some more shopping including a new pair of tennis shoes for all those games I intend to play in San Miguel and also a bottle of Grapefruit seed extract…this is what I use in Mexico to put in the water to clean veggies and purify everything….in Canada the same bottle is 24 dollars plus tax today I paid 14 dollars no tax!!

I think I bought everything on my list and now headed into this State…

sep27 001

Glad they have signs I could never spell it!!!

sep27 008

I did some planning and headed for the town of Newburyport..

Map picture

from here tomorrow I can take the train into Boston spend the day there walking around the city and then get the train back late afternoon…I have found a place to park for the night and also got permission to leave Ramona in the parking lot whilst I am in the city…..it is the courthouse and all should be well.

In the afternoon I walked about 20 blocks into down town and the waterfront

sep27 003

sep27 005

sep27 007

sep27 014

Isn’t he a cutie??

sep27 012

So now in the town library sending this and then off to park for the night and the usual tea and movie…

See I can do a post without mentioning the cruise!!!  Well almost!!


I did forget to mention that I went into the local branch of TD bank, which is where I do my banking in Canada and met this wonderful friendly bank supervisor who helped me get some US dollars from my account, she also told me I had lovely teeth!!!!  But I digress…she also let me use the phone to call Visa because I know I have enough points on my account for the cruise and sure enough I have more than enough points so my account has been credited the whole $510 dollars so now the cruise is…….yes ……I know……free!!

Have a great evening blessings Les


Croft said...

You live a charmed life my friend! A "free" trip to Bermuda!

mexicokid said...

Yes so I can now loan you some pesos for your Mexico trip!!!

Croft said...

Good, I will borrow some pesos on December 28! See link...


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