Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday 23rd September 2011….Farewell to Canada and hello USA!!!

Today was going to be a driving day but before I start out I had to go back to the rocks from yesterday and see them at high tide!!

sep23 001

Talking to one of the volunteers and she was telling me because of the moon’s phase the tides are no where near as high as they normally are.  She told me the small arch in the centre of the big rock is usually covered.  It was cool to see the walk I did yesterday now covered with red muddy water!!

Then it was off west to Saint Johns where I had some banking to do and the start of my frustrations!!

When I spoke to the travel agent in Halifax on Wednesday about the cruise the plan was that she would e mail me all the information and I could book and pay for it on line.  I did send her an e mail yesterday to confirm my e mail address so I was a bit peeved when my e mail came back saying she was out of the office Thursday but would contact me today.  So when I checked my e mails at noon and nothing from her I called their office and she was away on lunch but the lady who answered told me she would pass the message on for the agent to e mail.

I checked my e mail again this evening and nothing for her…..the company is Flight Centre and they only have offices in Canada so I hope to hear from her tomorrow if not I have to go to Plan B….I don’t want to miss this offer…stay tuned!!!

So around 3pm I approach the USA border at Calais, Maine…

sep23 005

There was no one in line and when I handed my passport to the Officer I knew I was in for it…I could just tell!!!

He asked the usual questions then told me to park at the bay and go into the office!!!

He came in a few minutes later and was border line polite and he wanted me to prove to him where I live and also to prove that I was going to Mexico and not going to stop and live in the States!!!

So I proceeded to show him my driving licence, insurance, registration all listing my home address in Nanaimo…..then it was do you own the house , no I rent, can I see a copy of your lease, no I don’t have one……you can see where this is going!!!  So many more questions of my living lifestyle……

Then it was what do you do, retired, where do you get your money from, mutual funds dividends and Canada Pension…….how do you survive on that, frugal living, don’t drink, smoke or do drugs, no debts!!!

Now to Mexico…I showed him my vehicle permit, my 2012 insurance forms for Ramona and Bonita, my Spanish phrase books, my lessons from last year, my Mexico tour books and maps…the bank draft I had just purchased for Casa Hogar….a detailed description of where San Miguel is located……this went on and on!!!

Then he was out to search the motor home…….

About 80 minutes later he handed me back all the paperwork I had given him and told me to have a nice trip!!!!!  The motor home was all messed up inside things out of the drawers etc.…I just smiled!!!  No one is going to get to me!!!!

Unlike the last time I crossed a border I knew I had nothing to hide or fear and I answered all his questions honestly and as I say he was on the brink of being rude…but I just was relaxed and happy and I am here and happy to be here!!!

I just drove a few miles to a Wal-Mart where I am settled for the night.


sep23 007

I have had supper and a shower and now going to the store to get a Red Box new release DVD for one dollar!!!

The circle is where I am tonight!!

sep23 006

Tomorrow the plan is to drive to Bar Harbour and the Acadia National Park for the day!!!

Hope I have good cruise news the next post….

No Internet tonight so posting this on Saturday morning!!

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