Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tuesday 6th September 2011…..a day without Ramona!!!

I followed Jerry this morning to the private residence of the Rv techie who was going to fix Ramona…his son was there and examined the damage and said they could fix it and that it didn’t appear to be too bad…he told me his shop rates were 40 dollars an hour, which is a steal, he also told me that he would need to keep Ramona over night in his workshop so all the caulking would dry…..so I left my baby in his capable hands and Jerry drove me home.

Paula and Jerry told me that one of the spare bedrooms upstairs is mine and yet again I am overwhelmed at the kindness extended to me.  It was a raining, windy cool sort of day so we all lounged around in the morning and then went into town at lunch time to do some shopping and then stopped off for lunch of fish and chips, which were very good.

Back home I went into the den and watched a very interesting documentary that Jerry had recorded on the trash and pollution in Mexico City..it was great to see the steps the city is taking to improve air quality and how they are dealing with the problem of trash.

At 5pm we went to Nancy and Terrie's house for dinner and they had friends of theirs from town and also another couple from Ontario visiting and it was a most fascinating and wonderful evening….the food was excellent and for Paula, Jerry and I to hear the story that Michelle and Jack told about their Mexico trip last year!!

sep6 001

In a nutshell Michelle and Jack and another Canadian couple were on their way home and were just 300 miles away from the Mexican / USA border when both vehicles were pulled over by 4 SUV and about 20 men with machine guns.  Michelle and Jack were pulled out of their truck and the bandits drove away with their truck with the 5th wheel attached and the same for the other couple.  They were left on the side of the road with only the clothes on their backs.  A couple of bullets were fired in the air but no injuries…the whole incident lasted about 2 minutes!!!!

The aftermath of being stranded in a foreign country with no ID, passports or money was a remarkable tale.  The good news is that after weeks of legal back and forth and frustration  Jack was able to fly back into Mexico and retrieve his truck and  5th wheel and bring it back home.

It really was an incredible tale and my little hold up last year pales in comparison.  The other good news is that they wintered last year in Florida but are going back to Mexico again this year but flying down and renting an apartment!!

There was lots of laughs, wonderful food and other stories of good times….a great evening.

Again proving what a small world this is…remember Doll and Bob the lovely couple that I stayed with in Smith Falls in July when I was passing through Ontario, who I knew from Nanaimo..I remember Doll telling me about this couple and that Jack used to be the vet that came to their farm if needed years ago and they were hijacked in Mexico…well it is the same couple and Jack knew Doll and Bob quite well…small world indeed!!

So now I am tucked away in this beautiful bedroom happy and grateful for all the friends I have!!!!!

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