Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday 13th September 2011…..Too much work at Paula and Jerry’s have to get on the road!!!

7.30am came quickly and I had arranged to go for a morning walk with P & J…so we set off in a little bit of a fog but not cold….it was a great way to start the day ….but got much better when we got back to the house and this photo confirms!!!!!


Watching the finch’s have their breakfast!!


Then jerry made poached eggs, juice a great morning and as I was ready to say goodbye I hear Paula’s voice ….”do you think you could help Jerry with a little lifting job?”

So three couches later brought from upstairs to the garage, the BBQ off the deck and the heavy concrete table moved and not forgetting help put up the new clothes line but cannot complain about that as I did break it… was time to do this!!!!!!!!!


Seriously Paula and Jerry have treated me like a king I shall not forget their kindness…..but I shall see them again in a couple of days down the road!!!

I continued my drive around the western part of NS but on the 101 so no scenery until I got off the main road.

sep13 001

sep13 002

sep13 007

sep13 003

sep13 006

I then went onto the peninsular of Cape Sable

sep13 008

sep13 009

sep13 011

I then came to Hawk Beach and this is a lovely spot I would normally stay here for the night but I want to get Wi-Fi to send directions to Paula and Jerry so I shall go and spend the night behind the Visitors Centre where they have Wi-Fi….this is the beach at the Hawk Beach!!!

sep13 017

sep13 019

It was a busy beach!!!

sep13 020

It goes on and on…

sep13 022

sep13 028

sep13 030

These next shots were actually taken from inside Ramona!!!

sep13 036

sep13 032

sep13 035

sep13 038

So I have had dinner and shower and now heading to the centre to post this…….blessings!!

Could not post last night so now it is a foggy Wednesday morning and a new location…

Map picture

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Paula & Jerry said...

Hmmmmm......Were we all at the same house? The only voice I recall was your's, the evening prior, as you were sprawled on the couch watching tennis (while your supper was being prepared...) saying...."If you need help moving the furniture, I'm the guy!"
This is a perfect example of that old saying..."Be careful what you ask for!" ;o)

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