Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sunday 4th September 2011…day 72 and disaster strikes for real!!!!!

Well it finally happened after four and a half years and over 69000 miles I had my first accident and Ramona is in trouble…… a long story but I went in search of a car wash this morning and eventually found one but like all the others it was not a high truck style car wash so I did what I have been doing which is to drive Ramona sideways to the car wash and extend the wand and brushes as far out as they come.  This car wash had yellow pillars to stop vehicles hitting the building.  Did one side OK then turned her around to get the other side done and I knew I was close to the pillar but stopped and got out and had a look I knew the floor was wet and slippery and with my crocks got back in put her in reverse and gently went back an inch when my foot slipped off the brake and all heck broke loose. There was a sickening thud and I stopped and got out and knew that I was in trouble!!!!

When my foot slipped she went back into the pillar and the whole panel from top to bottom at the rear corner has come away!!!

disaster 001

disaster 002

There is some minor work under the rear panel which I know I can get fixed in Mexico…but this is just such a sickening feeling!!!!

I think and it is more of a hope that I have not damaged the structure of the frame and the workings inside and that it is just a matter of attaching the panel back in place and re sealing but will have to wait and see.

If there is any good news it is that I am on my way to see new friends who are also RVers and meet another couple I know from SMA who also Rv and they live in this area so hopefully they can connect me with a good body shop!!

I am completely to blame and will have to suffer the consequences and I know by tomorrow I shall be feeling my normal chipper self but right now…not so!!

So now it is 11.30pm and I am sitting in Ramona and feeling a whole lot better…my new friends Paula and Jerry are wonderful people.  We have never met before but we have mutual friends and when they found out I was in Nova Scotia sent me an invitation to come and visit and stay a day or two…so I did and so glad I did as well.

Paula and Jerry are also Mexican winter RV folks so we have lots of stories…they have friends that live 15 minutes away who they told about me coming and small world as it is I know them Nancy and Terrie from meeting them in San Miguel 2 years ago so they come over and we had a lovely evening together.  Paula and Jerry put on a delightful meal and I was introduced to Nova Scotia Blueberry Grunt!!!   Hot dumplings with blueberries and ice cream!!!..The house is like out of a country magazine, beautiful!!

Both Terrie and Jerry think the damage to Ramona is not so bad and they both have leads on workmen who may be able to fix her up.  I was forgetting that tomorrow is a holiday so will have to wait until Tuesday and see what happens.

We had a great evening exchanging stories of all our adventures we all love Mexico.

So the day turned out to be bitter sweet I am still reeling a little about what I did but so glad to have found new friends and to visit with old friends.

Paula and Jerry kindly offered for me to stay until the work is done so again I am blessed with such fabulous people in my life!!!

Sorry this is not so great a photo of Paula I promise to take more tomorrow!!

sept4 004

Terrie, Jerry, Paula and Nancy!!

sept4 002

sept4 003

A beautiful casa!!!

Paula just sent me these photos…

This is a great photo of the Mexicans!!!!!


The GRUNT!!!!



Rod and Sylvia said...

Awwwwww. Hopefully the travelling Casa is OK.

Croft said...

Too bad Les! Shit just happens sometimes! Claim it on your insurance. It is just a little tope in the road.

Nice running into Terrie and Nancy. They are great people!

mexicokid said...

Thanks ....I think all will be well i have it booked in for tomorrow morning..cheers Les

Croft said...

Call your insurance before committing for repairs. They have a say in where it is done. However, it is possible your deductible will be higher than the repairs. You will have to get an estimate to know for sure.

mexicokid said...

Thanks Croft i e mailed you..Les

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