Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday 12th September 2011…….a little bit of work and a lot of rest!!

Jerry and I drove Ramona to the body shop at 8am this morning and I won’t mention the weather but we did have to wear our sunglasses!!

The techie was great and said that he could do the work but not before next week but as I was travelling he may be able to get me in earlier and it would be around 500 dollars he also told that driving her with the damage would not be an issue and the work needed is not much but it does need fixing so I thanked him for his time and decided to get the work done in San Miguel in November I know a man who did some work for me last year and did a great job so I shall contact him.

Back at the house it was cleaning Ramona

sep12 001 

and Jerry was busy

sep12 003

getting his baby ready!!

sep12 002

Paula and Jerry are leaving in two days for a weekend in the camper and I hope to meet up with them at the weekend!!

After that is was laundry time

sep12 004

and all was well till I put my comforter out to air out…after a while a huge crack as the washing line broke!!!  I have been asked to leave the house at once!!!!!! I refused to go!!!!!

After this emotional strain on my weak psyche I just had to relax!!!


sep12 005Calm down now ladies!!!!!!!

Then I found out that Paula cuts Jerry’s hair well…….I did need a little trim

sep12 006

A before shot….curls and a beard growth!!!

The finished product!!!

sep12 007

I am dressed in my Frenchy's that I bought at the thrift store..shorts and top for almost 8 dollars!!!

5pm was live coverage of the US open Men’s tennis final and it was something that I really wanted to watch and especially on the big 52 inch TV!!!!

sep12 013

I think poor Rafa needed some Pearson tips!!!!

sep12 008

Not bad for 63  right..wrong????

In the end which was over 4 hours the winner was

novak_0912_74391Novak and what a thrilling match!!!

Jerry thanks for all the help this morning and Paula what can I say you are so kind thanks for everything!!!!

I leave in the morning and continue my way around the peninsular the weather is going to be great and I feel so happy and lucky and blessed!!

Map picture

I shall be following the pins from Kentville anti clock wise!!!

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