Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday 20th September 2011….for once a short post!!!

Again great sunny morning and time for serious chores…..first of all laundry!!

sep20 001

Then it was up on the roof to wash and clean and then wash Ramona it was nice the RV park allows washing most parks don”t!!

Then it was cleaning out again the outside compartments and loaded up Bonita….boy what a busy boy I was!!


Then a short drive to Waverley

Map picture

and to the home of Jen and her two children my couch surfing hostess!!

I met her daughter Taylor and we had a nice visit then off the 3 of us went to Halifax to watch the movie Help!!

This was a great movie that I recommend to anyone!!!

Again another lovely couch surfing stay….

Tomorrow off into Halifax on Bonita for the day!!

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