Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday 11th September 2011…………..God Bless America!!


On the 10th Anniversary my best wishes go out to all the families whose lives were changed forever that day!!!


Well I woke up at 8.30am and befitting Beautiful Cove I had a beautiful sleep and the weather was beautiful!!

I was on the road by 9am and my first stop was the lovely little town of Annapolis Royal!!

Lots of history here and this street


sep11 006

is the oldest in Canada.

sep11 017

sep11 008

sep11 011

sep11 009

sep11 007

sep11 018

A very lovely and historical town.

About 20 minutes later I arrived at

sep11 019

the road down to the trail was steep and narrow and gravel so decided to walk the 2km down rather than put Ramona through undue stress!!

sep11 020

sep11 022

This was just a very lovely easy hike do you agree?

sep11 023

sep11 024

sep11 025

sep11 027

sep11 029

sep11 031

You can see the waterfall in the middle at the back of the bay!!

sep11 032

sep11 036

I just really enjoyed my time here.

Back on the road and I saw this sign!!!

sep11 041

Dare I???? Yes I drove there and happy to report Ramona is spotless and happy and no dings!!!!!

I arrived back at Paula and Jerry’s and we had a good visit outside in the sunshine.  Again another lovely meal and stories….so here I am 10pm and ready for bed!!

The days are also so full and happy ones I am one lucky old guy!!!!!

Map picture

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living.boondockingmexico said...

You are a lucky guy! Great pics. Keep going, don't stop.

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