Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday 14th September 2011…a bit of an easy day!!

Had a really good sleep and on the road by 9am and drove a few miles to here

sep14 007

where I had breakfast and afterwards a lovely walk on the beach!!

sep14 004

I really do like taking the back roads always something to see and less traffic.

sep14 008

sep14 010

It was a warm and sunny afternoon and I don’t know the long range forecast so decided I better take advantage of the good weather…so found this place…Crescent Beach in Lockeport!!

Do you think Ramona is happy??

sep14 011

What a view!!!

This from the bathroom window!!!

sep14 014

I went for a great walk

sep14 013

but I do not like these busy beaches!!!!

sep14 019

So many people around!!!!!

sep14 020

sep14 015

Could not resist this one!!

sep14 025

I then walked into the little town and decided to rent a movie tonight for a change….

sep14 029

$2.99 and the lady didn’t even want a deposit or anything..I offered to leave 40 dollars and she just smiled and said bring it back in the morning darling!!!!!

So then it was lounge chair time but I could tell it would be short lived as the weather was changing and the fog rolling in.

This was the view from inside Ramona at 7pm!!!

sep14 028

So I have had dinner and showered and now going to watch the movie…I have no idea where I am picking up Wi fi from but that is bonus and it will be cool to go to sleep with the sound of the waves tonight!

I didn’t know until I looked at a map this morning that last night I slept at the most southern tip of Nova Scotia.

sep14 027

Where I am tonight in the circle!!!

Map picture

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