Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday 22nd September 2011…..into New Brunswick!!

After two wonderful days with Jen and her family it was time to move on this morning towards New Brunswick!!

It was highway driving but did pass this interesting sign, sorry it is not very clear!!

sep22 001

For a moment here I thought I was in Mexico at the toll booth!!

sep22 002

Soon I was saying very fond farewells to my time in the Maritimes I have enjoyed every day and all the Provinces were wonderful.  I saw so many incredible sights and met some of the best people there is in this world and forged lasting friendships… to all my new friends, couch surfing hosts and everyone who helped me and showed kindness beyond believe I say a huge THANKYOU!!!!

So into

sep22 003

and my first stop was

sep22 037

my timing was perfect as I got there at low tide and was able to walk the ocean floor….

sep22 005

sep22 007

It was neat to walk amongst these huge rocks knowing in a few more hours they would be surrounded by the incoming tides!!

sep22 009

sep22 020

sep22 022

I am sure there are a few people who have to make use of this escape route getting caught with the incoming tides!!!

sep22 025

sep22 026

sep22 032

sep22 033

sep22 036

To get the full effect of this area I need to come back at high tide but today it is not till 8.15pm and the park closes at 5pm so I am going to spend the night somewhere close and then come back in the morning when high tide is 9am!!

I have found a church parking lot about 3 km away which I think will be a good place to stay the night but first I am going to a motel down the street where the lady was kind enough to give me their Internet password so I can post this and check my e mails.

So when I post tomorrows photos you will have to check for yourselves the differences in the photos at high tide.

Now for that good news………

Two of the items on my bucket list are to take a cruise and also to return to Bermuda where I lived from 1970 –1980!!

I have checked into Bermuda cruises from the East coast but with taxes and single supplement they have been in the 1200 dollar range.

When I walking around Halifax yesterday I passed a Flight Centre office and for the heck of it went in and after telling the agent what I need she did some work on the computer and can get for me….

wait for it…..

A 7 day cruise from Boston to Bermuda with three days in Bermuda all taxes including single supplement for 680 dollars!!!!!!  It leaves on September 30th so the timing is perfect so I  think I am going to take it!!!!!

It is a great price and it will be a huge thrill for me to cruise and also visit all the places that meant so much to me in the 10 years I was there…..Jen is looking into a place for me to leave Ramona whilst I go, a friend of hers who lives outside Boston….so I think I shall book it tomorrow….just have to sleep on it one more night!!!

Tomorrow after seeing the rocks again I shall head for the USA border!!!!!!!!!

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