Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday 26th September 2011…..5 more sleeps and a new State!!

This is really Sunday’s post but I did not have Internet last night…..

It starts back on Saturday night and I am in the Wal-Mart parking lot, it is a huge parking lot and I am the only RV parked there.  I had a bit of a late night and didn’t start watching the movie till 10.30pm.  Whilst watching the movie I heard what I thought was a big truck pass by…..continued watching the movie till 12.30am and then time for bed when I turned the TV off I heard the rumble of a generator  and I looked outside and this huge Bus type RV towing a car was parked about 40 feet from me and his generator blaring away.

Why would he park so close to me with all the lot to choose and then keep his generator going….I walked outside and saw the guy sitting in the front seat with his light on so I went over and knocked on his door and he opened the window and I very politely asked him why he would park so close to me with all the lot available and could he please turn his generator off as it was almost 1am…….unfortunately I am not able to print his reply..he was so rude and told me to mind my own business.  I could not believe him he is the first rude person I have come across on this trip.

I had no choice but to move so I started up Ramona but I was a bit ticked and thought what can I do to get back at him, then I thought in 6 days I shall be on a cruise so I drove to the other end of the lot…can you believe some people??

Talking of cruises….

oneAs you can see it is a very small Island!!

600-norwegian-dawn-Cruising-NYCMy ship!!

twoI have spent many hours on this beach!!

The only little downer is that I have checked the weather for the days I am there and rain all three days!!!!   Time for it to change!!

I met Linda the Travel agent at noon and I got all my documentations!!!!

So it was a driving day on Interstates and it confirms my opinion that I do not like driving the Interstates give me the back roads anytime.

No photos nothing to see until I got to Freeport the home of the largest retail LLBean store which is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year and it is so huge!!!!

sep25 005

I bought a couple of things and then on my way….had trouble finding a water tap to fill up my tank so stopped at the local Fire Station

sep25 009to fill up.

I am now parked for the night in Wal-Mart lot in Portsmouth in New Hampshire.

This is a State with no taxes so shall buy some things I will need for Mexico and save a few dollars!!!

Time for the movie…….

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