Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday 16th September 2011….What can I say!!!!

There was no Wi fi last night so this is posted Saturday!!

Lets do this a little differently and go from back to front…

sep16 019

A picture tells a 1000 words…..The Scrabble king rules again!!!..My opponent this time Paula, yes the same Paula who has been a teacher for many years, yes the same Paula who attended University and has three, yes three degrees…..and little old me…ex Rowlinson technical school education!!!!

Anyway more about that later.

I had a great sleep last night even the constant rain did not keep me awake and this morning bright and sunny but very windy.  Paula and Jerry were coming to town and I was to meet them at 3pm so I had a few hours to spare so spent some time in the library doing trip research and e mails…then went shopping and looking for a place to have supper as I wanted to treat Paula and Jerry.

Just down from where I was parked was the Yacht club and I went there to ask about shower facilities I felt like a really long hot shower and I found out that I could use their shower for 3 dollars but better still they had a sign advertising a full roast pork dinner with pots, veggies, apple sauce and roll for 10 dollars….I buttered up the lady Commodore and she said we could come and she would sign us in!!!

So when Paula and Jerry arrived they asked if I wanted to go with to a Museum on the outskirts of town and off we went to…

sep16 008

We went to the office and this lovely young lady gave the three of us a personal tour starting in the church!!

sep16 003

Not only was she very informed but she was also a descendant of one of the original slaves to arrive here!!

sep16 005

sep16 006

sep16 007

sep16 011

It really was an interesting tour I knew nothing at all about any of this history and the young tour guide was obviously so proud of her heritage!!

I really have to leave the Maritimes soon I am beginning to look like a local!!!!

sep16 015

We then drove back into town and walked around for a while until it was time to go to the Yacht club for supper and it was a great dinner!!!

Back to Ramona and we had a while to kill before we were going to the local pub where they had live music so Paula and I decided to have a game of scrabble whilst Jerry laid on the couch and read the newspaper and he was also the judge……..I won’t boast about who won…oopps of course you already know!!!!

We then walked to the pub but it didn’t look to lively so we decided against that… we are parked next to each other across from the little wharf and all hunkered down for the night

More sunsets!!!

sep16 018

sep16 016


…time for a movie for me.

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