Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Wednesday 7th September 2011…back on the road for a few miles!!!

Woke up this morning to a call from the RV shop saying Ramona was ready to come home so Jerry drove me over the repairs look really good..there is still a little bit of body work required under the rear panel but he had done the work and even replaced the broken light cover and when he handed me a bill of $102.16 I could not believe it!!!

ssep7 008

So back to house for another wonderful Paula meal and also a little packed lunch and I was ready to roll to my next stop.

Paula and Jerry have been so wonderful to me…. nicer folks you could not meet..thank you so much!!  Also thanks to Nancy and Terrie and great to connect with them again!!

I was on the road before noon and passing through small town after town

ssep7 005

ssep7 004

ssep7 003

Paula told me before I left I had to look out for a clothing store called Frenchy’s and to go in and get Frenchied…so I spotted one

ssep7 002

and walked out a few minutes later with a nice pair of shorts and a nice long sleeved top for 8 dollars!!!

Around 3pm I arrived here

ssep7 009

which is the small town that my friends Karen and Rob live.  I have known them about 4 years and we have parked next to each other many times in the tennis RV park in San Miguel.  They have Ramona’s cousin…she is just a couple of feet longer than Ramona!!!

ssep7 010

Their lovely casa

ssep7 012

the back of the house grounds go down to the ocean a lovely home and surroundings.

Karen cooked a great meal and had neighbours come over and a good time was had by all!!!

ssep7 013

Karen and Rob are on the right but this is the real boss of the house!!!

ssep7 020

So here I am parked for a couple of days and hoping the weather is a bit better so we can do some outdoor stuff.

I know I say it a lot but I just feel so lucky to come through the predicaments that I get into so well and have so many fantastic friends in my life…..PURA VIDA!!!

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