Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday 18th September 2011……Day 86!!!

This is what a sunrise looks like at 6am!!!!!


I did not take this photo I was trying to recover lost sleep from my noisy neighbours who turned on their generator at 5.30am so the beauty queen teacher and winner of scrabble could curl her hair!!!!!

Said my fond goodbyes to Paula and Jerry and look forward to seeing them in Mexico in the early part of the New Year!!

I drove on the Lighthouse route which is very scenic and topped up my bread supply here…

sep18 001

Then took this cable ferry

sep18 003

across the bay

sep18 005

and then stopped for breakfast and then took this trail!!


sep18 008

sep18 009

sep18 011

sep18 013

sep18 014

This was an interesting little trail.

sep18 016

sep18 020

This cave even with the low tide and small waves produced an incredible roar from deep inside the cave!!

sep18 022

I drove a few more miles and arrived at the lovely historical town of

sep18 027

Home of

sep18 032

I went to the shed where the restorations were being done and this was the best photo I could take

sep18 030

sep18 036

I can understand why they won’t allow tourists close but I do feel they could have let us walk around a bit more!!

The town is very pretty

sep18 039

sep18 033

sep18 040

At 2pm I went to the local Bandstand for this concert!!

more 007

Which was entertaining..I then took these shots in and around Lunenburg!!

more 0023

more 013

more 008

more 010

more 015

more 017

I had a good day and this is a lovely part of the coast.

I am in the Visitors centre parking lot posting this but no overnights allowed here so I shall head out towards Mahone Bay and find somewhere for the night!!

sep18 041


Paula & Jerry said...

We fear you are on the wrong time zone! It was after 7 when we turned on the genny! Are you trying to give us good folks a bad rep?
I took the sunrise picture at around 7. A truly beautiful time of the day!
We had ham and eggs ready to serve you for breakfast, but you departed in a cloud of dust! Happy to hear you enjoyed another super day on the south shore of Nova Scotia.
Happy trails, amigo! It was grand sharing time with you! We look forward to reading about your future adventures. See you in Mexico!

mexicokid said...

I am sure it was 5am in some time zone!!!! Wish i had known about breakie!!!! Keep in touch Champ!!!!!

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