Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday 15th September 2011….you never know what the day will bring!!!

Woke up to a nasty fog but it was nice to open Ramona’s door and have the ocean right there…I knew this was going to be an easy day so I relaxed put on some music and made French toast, a nice cuppa and read 2 newspapers and finally got on the road around 11.30am.

I was only going a short distance to

sep14 009

and I found a good place to park!!

sep15 021-2

I then set off on foot to explore the lovely little town.

sep15 002-1

There was a Hollywood movie made here in the 90’s which was a big box office flop I think Robert DeNero was in it anyway this building above is one left over from the film!!

sep15 003-2

Getting back to the post headline I was walking down this narrow lane when I heard a voice from behind saying “That is a great shirt”.  I was wearing one of my Mexican soccer shirts and I turned around and here were this couple..we stopped and chatted and they cordially invited me into their workshop!!!

sep15 012

It was the most amazing 40 minutes I have spent for a while…the couple are one of only 8 manufacturers in North American of hand carved wooden flutes!!!!

sep15 009

The owner is an aero space engineer and he uses this technology on his flutes…the wood comes from Africa and is very heavy and the first thing he does is drill a hole in the centre all the way through then it sits in this room for 3 years!!!!

sep15 010

It was so kind of them to show me around and spend time with me they were both very proud of their showroom and workshop and I have a different understanding of the craft and shall always think of them when I hear a flute!!!!

sep15 014-2

sep15 016

sep15 017

After this photo the fog started to roll in

sep15 020

sep15 018-2

It was about 4pm so a good time to head back to Ramona and finish my novel.  Then sort the underneath compartments out, yes again!!!

Then head to the library and do the blog and then back to the Visitors Centre where I am going to spend the night.

I am meeting Paula and Jerry here tomorrow afternoon so that will be fun……..



Paula & Jerry said...

FYI The Scarlet Letter with Demi Moore was filmed in Shelburne. She was still married to Bruce Willis at the time and they rented an ocean-front home and spent part of the summer here with their children.
A wee bit of wind today. The boats are bobbing in the water!
Looking forward to our supper together.
Hasta pronto!

mexicokid said...

boy I will keep a look out for Demi!!!!!! Yes the curry is coming along fine see you this afternoon...Les

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