Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday 9th September 2011…..something new!!

Karen and Rob went to the gym this morning and I went for a long walk on the ocean path at the bottom of their home….this is the photo taken when I left

sep9 004

and when I came back!!

sep9 013

It was a lovely walk and Rob tells me the waves are much bigger now because of the second hurricane that is coming up the coast line of the States!!

sep9 007

sep9 008

sep9 011

Rob and I did some map planning and then we did RV swap ideas he has the same make and brand as Ramona except his is 3 feet longer with a different interior design.

In the afternoon Karen has her clarinet lesson and you do not want to be around for that….just kidding Karen honest!!!!!! 

So Rob took me on a driving tour of the area on the back roads and saw things that regular tourists don’t see or even know about!!

Do you know what this is??

sep9 014

How about now??

sep9 016


sep9 019

sep9 021

A Mink farm!!!!

Apparently this is one of the Province’s leading export to the far East and there are many farms that we passed this one had 54000 minks!!!!

It was fascinating and smelly to see and I have never ever seen anything quite like it!!!  It is a huge industry.

Late afternoon we went over across the street to the lovely neighbours I met the other night for supper and it was a really nice evening.

I leave the lovely home and friendship of Karen and Rob tomorrow and will go out exploring till Sunday afternoon when I have decided to have Ramona examined by a local body shop to see what the chances and cost of getting the bodywork done locally.  So I am going back to Paula and Jerry’s home where they have kindly arranged a body shop appointment Monday morning and offered for me to stay at their gorgeous home again!!

So will post if I can tomorrow…have a great weekend!!


Paula & Jerry said...

Oh, my! It is sad to see the minks in those little pens. What a way to spend their life.....
On a happy note, we hope you have fun exploring until you return on Sunday. Your campsite is reserved and waiting for you, as are we and the chickadees!
Hasta domingo!

mexicokid said...

yes I never knew it was such a huge here...thanks see you tomorrow....L

Teri said...

So sad to see those little animals in small cages like that. But the fur industry is a cruel one, no doubt about it.

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