Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thursday 8th September 2011………a WHALE of a day!!

Karen, Rob and I had a lovely gourmet breakfast and watched the rain drops disappear and Karen left to do her weekly visit with old folks in a home in Digby and I am sure she brought bright hours to the residents.  Rob and I piled into Ramona and went to Digby Neck.

Map picture

The right hand pin is Rob’s casa and the left pin is where we went!!

We had to take this ferry..

sep8 001

sep8 002

It is only a couple of minutes on the ferry and the cost for Ramona, Rob and I for a return trip $5.25!!!!

sep8 007

We stopped here for delicious Halibut Burgers!!

sep8 146

See Paula I do as I am told!!!

Then we boarded this boat

sep8 008

for an afternoon of whale watching.  We were out for 4 hours and the cost was 35 dollars each do you think it was worth it??????

sep8 010

sep8 015

sep8 017

sep8 023-1

sep8 030

sep8 031-1

sep8 045

sep8 072

sep8 075

sep8 082

sep8 096

sep8 113

sep8 115

sep8 127

sep8 135

Well i think it was worth it!!!

sep8 142

Just a day for the memory banks at one point the whale was so close when he surfaced and blew the spray was hard and the smell quite rotten!!!

Back home a wonderful sunset!!

sep8 147

sep8 150

sep8 148

sep8 151

Don’t think I shall ever forget the sounds of those whales and the size of them up close is so amazing…..a great day thanks Karen and Rob for your kindness to me!!!


Paula & Jerry said...

Hooray! Hooray! You saw whales! We must say we are happy that you saw them in Nova Scotia - a moose and whales! We really do try our best here to please you! :o)
We're looking forward to your return visit on Sunday!
See you soon!
Que la vaya bien!

mexicokid said...

very kind to have moose and whales available for me yesterday was just awesome!!! Thanks for the arrangements look forward to Sunday make sure all the dishes are done please!!! Les

Esther said...

Wow wow wow! Now I know where to go and see whales next summer!
Love the name of the boat, Georgie Porgie...puddin' and pie...

NE/ME said...

I just have to say - Wow!

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