Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday 24th September 2011……Yer aint gonna beliv yer eyes!!!!!!

That is Yorkshire which roughly translates into….”You are not going to believe what you are about to read!!!”

Had a great sleep and it was a driving morning through foggy single lane roads but I did have  a live soccer game broadcasted from England on the radio to pass the time.

I arrived at Ellsworth around noon and went into the parking lot of MacD’s and checked my e mails and still not a contact from the Travel agent from Halifax..that is three days and I have e mailed twice and called and left messages twice and not even the decency of a reply!!!!

So I found a Travel Agency in this town and sat down with Linda and told her of my problem and she searched her computer for a few minutes and said she was very sorry but she could not match the other quote……but she said this with a smile on her face…..




so she said BUT I can get it for you for $510 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After I picked myself of the floor I confirmed that this fare is all taxes and single supplement included, all port taxes no extras!!!!

I do have to share my cabin with  a 51 one year old blonde from California!!!!   Just KIDDING!!!

I am still in a little bit of a shock finding this cruise 7 days to Bermuda for such a low price!!!!!

So I immediately booked it and Linda told me she had to print off all the documents for me and it would take an hour or so but she offered to come into the office tomorrow on her day off to give me the copies so I thanked her so much and arranged to see her at noon tomorrow!!!

I left a pretty happy camper!!!

Onto Bar Harbour where I walked around the town!!

sep24 007

sep24 006

sep24 009

sep24 013

sep24 012

sep24 011

Then it was off to

sep24 014

There was a 27 mile loop road but they had height restrictions and I was not sure if Ramona would fit so rather than take a chance and even though it was a bit foggy and damp I got Bonita ready!!

sep24 003

sep24 021

This one I think I could have made!!

The road to Cadillac Mountain


sep24 015

was a bit steep, and narrow and foggy so decided to leave Bonita and hitch a ride up the mountain…the first vehicle stopped and away I went with this nice family!!

The top was almost too foggy to see anything

sep24 017

the same family gave me a ride back down again.

My next stop was

sep24 022

to snap these beautiful Fall colours!!

Then on to

sep24 023

sep24 025

This was a nasty little trek with slippery rocks and even the hand and foot rails were slippery!!!

sep24 026

sep24 029

sep24 030

sep24 032

sep24 037

I climbed to about a 100 feet of the summit and the rails were getting really slippery and I decided as much as I wanted to finish …to turn around and be safe…after all I do have a cruise to go on!!!!!

I was absolutely soaked when I got back

sep24 039Wet shorts!!

This rates and not the longest or highest climbs but one of the most difficult!!!

This tunnel I think would have caused me problems!!

sep24 044

Hey CROFT are you having flashbacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I arrived back at Ramona just before dark…..had a great long hot shower a good meal and now going back to Ellsworth to MacD’s to post this and then on a couple of blocks to Wal-Mart for the night I already have another Red Box movie to watch.

Please you can expect to hear many comments about the cruise for the next five days you have been warned!!!!

Blessings to all!!!


living.boondockingmexico said...

You're gloating. Enjoy! :)

Paula & Jerry said...

Hooray for you!!!

Croft said...

Don't worry about height restrictions Les! They always underestimate! Just "eyeball it" as you drive under, it usually works for me!

Good deal on the cruise, less than $100 per day. Your bed might be down in the bilge though.... or in the engine room.... Buy earplugs!

Otherwise like Chris says, enjoy!!

mexicokid said...

thanks Chris and P & J...yeah Croft i know how it works for you, actually I later found out they measure from the smallest point close to the wall so I could have made it...BUT....cheers Les

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