Sunday, September 04, 2011

Saturday 3rd September 2011……a fun day!!

Well at least I cannot say I had a great sleep and woke up to sunny skies when this was around!!!

sep3 001

but soon back to normal!!

sep3 003

I arrived in the lovely University town of Wolfville…where I went to the Farmer’s Market..


sep3 007

sep3 009


You know I cannot go past a strawberry stand without buying….Guy what about those blueberries???  I did the next best thing and bought you a jar of jam!!

As I mentioned this is a lovely University town and there were many students and parents around…and what do students do for enjoyment?   They go here

sep3 004

and do this!!!

sep3 010

Looks like a lot of fun…

This whole area is all about tides..

sep3 006

It is also a very fertile area

sep3 012

My next destination was here

sep3 019

Just what I needed a 10 mile hike!!!

There was a small harbour where I parked Ramona and the tide was low and I took this photo

sep3 018

Almost 4 hours later when I came back…

sep3 038

The trail was like this

sep3 020

or this

sep3 021

The whole 5 miles in was all treed!!!

I passed many university students but they were all on their way back.  Due to the fact it was all trees my little old mind began to wonder and seeing all these kids reminded me of my University days…actually that statement cam be misconstrued…I never actually went to University but as a young Police Officer in Sheffield I did attend the teaching hospital’s campus usually on Friday nights for the student nurse’s dance…..Nancy Norman now there is a name I have not thought about in years….but that story is for another time!!!!

So then I start thinking about college and I did actually attend Police College for three months when I was 19 years old…..4 things I remember about that time……..1. Getting three haircuts in one day!!!2.How long a run it was around the perimeter of the compound it was actually an old RAF station and huge!! 3. after 40 odd years I still can remember the definition of stealing!!!   “A person steals, who without the consent of the owner, fraudulently and without a claim of right made in good faith, takes and carries away anything capable of being stolen at the time of such taking  permanently to deprive the owner thereof”  WOW what recall!! 4. Ruth….I cannot remember her last name but she was a police woman from London and we sort of hung out together studying and such!!!!  After the course ended we went our separate ways and lost touch.  Move the clock forward about 7 years and I am in my office at the airport in Bermuda when the Training officer calls me and tells me they have 12 new recruits just arrived from England and he wants to bring them to my department so I can show them around and I say sure and the next morning when they arrive there was Ruth with her new policeman husband…this can be a small world!!

Boy did I digress…anyway the trail was all trees till the Split comes into view and the vistas were beautiful!!!

sep3 022

sep3 025

I wore my lucky Mally the Moose T shirt but no sightings!!

sep3 024

sep3 029

sep3 031

sep3 032

The hike wasn’t so bad and I was back in just under 4 hours!!!

I again had checked the map and headed for

sep3 043

where I had read the tides were great to watch because of the boats in the harbour I was also hoping to spend the night here!!

sep3 042What you see on the roads!!!

sep3 045

The following photos are shots taken about 2 hours apart!!

sep3 063

sep3 050

sep3 065

sep3 059

Did find a spot for the night!!

sep3 069

It is a very quaint little place not much going on but very scenic!!

sep3 073

sep3 079The blue X shows the Cape Split where I hiked and Halls harbour where I am.

I leave tomorrow and head to Kingston which is just under the blue Fundy on the left where I am staying with some new friends!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

I think in some e mails  I sent out I referred to my hike today to Cape Spit…that obviously should be Split!!!


Croft said...

I have not been saying much lately Les, but I do appreciate your commentary and look forward to your post every day! The photos are great as well but I must say I am surprised your camera is still functioning well and has not joined its long line of ancestors in the dust bin.!

Rod and Sylvia said...

Wolfville is a very pretty spot. Why didn't we see pictures of you in the muck?

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