Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday 21st September 2011……Halifax…a walking day!!

Jen was taking Taylor to school this morning so I hitched a ride and after we dropped  Taylor off Jen and I and of course Molly the Collie walked around the sea wall for an hour and then Jen left to go home and I spent the rest of the day of foot exploring the lovely city.

Here are a few of the sights!!!

sep21 001

sep21 005

sep21 002

sep21 007

The noon firing of the canon at the Citadel!!

sep21 010

sep21 008

sep21 011

sep21 014

sep21 017

I enjoyed walking around here..

sep21 016

sep21 018

sep21 019

sep21 024

sep21 025

sep21 027

sep21 028

sep21 030

sep21 033

I thoroughly enjoyed my day and at 5.30pm met Jen and her great partner Steven for supper in a local pub called the Old triangle, a good Irish pub.  Had a lovely evening and thanks Steven for my meal.

Then Jen and I came home in her newly acquired open top Jeep which was fun and spent a couple of hours talking… another great day and thanks Jen for a great visit and being so kind.

I am leaving in the morning headed for New Brunswick so stay tuned I may have some exciting news tomorrow!!!!

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Paula & Jerry said...

The white wooden church in the background of one of your pictures (with the statue honouring those who died in the wars) happens to be the church where my wonderful mom and dad were married on November 11, 1950 - St. Paul's United. It opened its doors in 1750and is the first Protestant place of worship in Canada. Just a little bit of trivia to start your day! :o)
Thanks for the memory!

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